Bed bugs are minute pests that feed on human blood and are usually attracted to their hosts by the warmth and the presence of carbon dioxide when we exhale. Bed bugs are not seasonal; they can make their annoying presence experienced in your home throughout the year. Here are five things you may want to know about these little insects:

Bed bugs can be identified if you look closely. Fully developed bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown colored, and almost the size of an apple seed or approximately 7mm in size. Whereas immature bed bugs are yellow in color, semi-transparent, and about 1 to 3 mm in size. They hatch pearly white (1 mm) eggs. They can stay for almost a year without food. Since they lack wings, they only crawl and move around at the same pace as an ant.

They can live anywhere not only in the bed. Their name doesn’t only imply that they are always found in beds or box springs. The truth is that they can be found anywhere people are; from apartments, hospitals, office buildings, buses, clothes, trains, movie theaters, luggage, or even in wheelchairs.

Bed bugs do not appear spontaneously in your home. Due to their wingless nature, they are typically transported into homes by hitching on belongings such as your clothes, luggage, bedding, or backpacks. It’s always advisable to inspect your clothes and luggage carefully before going into your house to prevent a new infestation.

Bed bugs are hardy. Since they can survive for nearly a year without feeding, they can hide in mattresses, wardrobes and suitcases for quite a lengthy period until they come close to a human host. Also, bed bugs can endure extreme temperatures from those reaching the freezing point to almost 122 degrees. Thus, it can become very challenging to be treated using DIY measures.

Bed bugs are nocturnal. They typically come out during night hours to feed and remain well hidden during daytime. While the bed bug feeds, its abdomen enlarges, and the bed bug develops a reddish or deeper brown color.

Nowadays, bed bug infestation is on the rise globally. Their hardy nature renders their prevention and treatment through certain measures almost impossible for instance using DIY method. However, through professional pest control service bedbugs can easily be eliminated from your home. You should always seek consultation from pest control experts if you have an infestation problem.

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