6 Tips to Keep Houseflies Away From Your Home

Flies are very unavoidable and nuisance in most homes especially during the warm seasons of the year. Once they infest your home, you need to take control measures to get rid of them. There are different strategies you can adopt to minimize their presence in your house. You can eliminate them by the use of traps, insecticides, fly deterrents and cleaning. The most effectual method of getting rid of these insects is by using the methods near the source of the flies. For example, if you wish to minimize the presence of drain flies, then you better use a method that can be applied to the drain where the flies are coming from.

The methods may not guarantee you a 100% success for every individual. To some, they may be more effective than others depending on the severity of the infestation. The methods are however worth trying before seeking help from a professional. Some of the best methods to get rid of home flies are;

Vinegar trap

This is the best way for a person who wishes to rely on homemade techniques. To follow this method, you will need sugar, apple cider, dish soap, a container, and water. In the bowl, put two tablespoonfuls of vinegar and mix it with a tablespoon of sugar. Then add some few drops of soap and a liter of water. Mix them thoroughly and then put the container around the area suspected to be the source of the flies or where you see them most.

The gnats get attracted to the smell of cider vinegar. When they touch the liquid, they will succumb to death due to the presence of soap. For effectiveness, you would want to set up different containers for various spots around the house so as you can get a good idea of where the flies are breeding.

Pouring bleach into sink

There are different types of home flies, and they all require different approaches to deal with. If you want to get rid of drain flies, then this method is the best. At times, pouring the bleach on the sink will not necessarily obliterate the problem as the flies could be breeding deep in the drainage system. When using this method, you should not straight up pour the bleach in your sink. First, dilute it with some water. You can also use some little ammonia to kill the flies. Ensure to put on the mouth and eye protection and note that you should not mix bleach with ammonia as the mixture could give out toxic fumes.

Red wine trick

This method is much like the vinegar trap since the aim of this trap is to attract flies to the scent of red wine and then drown them when they make contact. You can mix the red wine with little drops of dish soap so that the flies are unable to fly away. There is no need to use expensive wines as even the cheap version can work just fine. Put the wine in small containers and wrap the container top with plastic lid and out holes big enough for a fly to fit. Place the container near the source of the flies overnight.

Use light traps

UV light traps are very efficient in catching houseflies and other pest insects. The light attracts flies, and then they are killed by electric shock or are trapped on a glue board. To carry out the plan you should;

  • Place the light traps about 4-6 feet above the ground. This is about 1.2-1.8 meters
  • Put the light traps in a strategic way such that they are invisible from outside the house so that the light does not attract more flies to home.
  • Ensure the light trap you use is designed for indoor use since high-voltage outdoor trap can create an unsanitary mess.

Use insecticide fly bait

You can buy fly lures from the market as they are available in variety. The flies will eat the bait and get poisoned by the insecticidal ingredients. You can purchase the lures in the form of pellets, pre-baited traps or liquids that you can apply to the areas where the flies gather. The baits can be fixed to glass windows and when flies eat the insecticidal coating and die near the windows. Fly baits are poisonous to pets and human so ensure to place them away from children reach and ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also place them away from pets’ reach.

Clean up food waste and spills immediately

Hygiene is vital in keeping flies away since they are attracted to moist organic materials which are both their source of food and a place to lay eggs. Ensure that the flies do not have any access to food waste and garbage in your house. Store pet food in tightly sealed containers, wash dishes and do not wait for them to pile in the sink. Clean up spilled foods and drinks immediately and dispose of waste in a well-covered garbage pit. Flies tend to be attracted to stinky odors, and that is why taking these steps will keep them away.

Sanitation is the main key to keep these insects away, and if you follow the above methods, you are going to get positive results. You can seek assistance from a pest professional near you to perform the gnats control and management for you and get rid of the flies for good.

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