Finding out there is the presence of pests in your attic at any time is not something any homeowner wants to see. Besides the associated health complications brought up by pests, the fright of coming face to face with pests like rodents or finding critters around the house is enough to threaten homeowners to call pest control professionals at any hour of the night. Whether you have noticed pests in your ducts or vents in the pasts or you are worried of pest getting into your home during winter, these steps will help you in keeping your attic free of pest long before they become a problem in your house.

Seal any possible cracks and gaps in the attic

Presence of cracks and gaps on the attic is the most straightforward methods that pests can get their way into the house. Often, damages or cracked vent systems are primary culprits that gives insects, rodents and many other winter pests the freedom to access the warmest area of your room. Regular checks on the exterior of your vent and ducts for any damages is essential to identify cracks, holes, and damages and patch them up. This helps in stopping pests long before they can enter the house.

For damages hidden inside the interior walls, it is necessary to call pest management professions who are in a position to repair them or put you in touch with HVAC professionals who will fix the cracks and gaps thus keep your attic free of pests.

Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance

This is among the most critical steps in keeping your attic free of pest, the simplest but one of the most overlooked methods. Through cleaning and regular maintenance helps in keeping out debris, particulate matter, and dust that might build up on your heating system overtime, covering up damage on your duct-work and providing a perfect hiding place for rodents and insects.

Sticking to regular maintenance and thorough routine cleaning schedules, you can identify the problematic areas and keep everything in order way before the pest can enter and discover a perfect hiding place in your ductwork. It also helps in preventing your family from filth and diseases that pests can bring as wells as well as avoiding pests from getting a foothold in your attic.

Install screens over chimney openings and vents

Even with regular cleaning and keeping your heating system in top shape, pests can still find a way in through planned openings and small gaps in the vent. In such cases, the installation of specialist’s vents and screens can help in preventing even the tiniest pests from entering your home. A simple mesh screen with small holes enough to keep pests from entering but big enough to allow proper airflow is the perfect way to keep your attic free from pests during winter.

Ensure they are placed just behind your chimney’s openings or throughout the vent itself. The screens will serve as powerful barriers between the pests seeking to enter and your home.

Change filter often

It’s sometimes easy to forget the HVAC or furnace filter, regular changing is an integral part of keeping your heating system free of pests and running smoothly. Old or clogged filters restrict the flow of warm air through your system which causes the buildup of moisture in the ductworks and hinders the effectiveness of the heating system. The accumulation of moisture in the ductwork can have consequences which include invitation of mold and contamination of the home heating systems. Moisture can also attract pests. Change your filter to keep the area dry.

Dispose waste

Improper disposal of wastes can be a great way to attracts pests into your home since pests can eat leftover. Ensuring waste bins are tightly closed and regularly emptied will not allow a place for them to eat food. Keeping containers stored away from any entrance and cleaning any debris on the floor will help. If you recycle, all containers should be washed thoroughly before placing them into the recycling.These are particularly important when you need to prevent the problem of mice and rats in your home.


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