As they say, your home is your castle, and one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. Being a resident of the Golden State allows you to enjoy surfing, the beach, and a variety of popular landmarks, such as Yosemite National Park and Universal Studios Hollywood. The other aspect of being a resident of California are  pests, such as termites. Finding pets in your home is never a good feeling. Termites damage your home and can cause expensive repairs, to the tune of billions of dollars to homes every year. The damage caused by termites can lead to a home that is unsafe to live in. Use these essential tips to help you prevent a termite infestation in your California home.

Pay Attention to Building Materials

If your home’s foundation contains wooden parts, they should be kept at least six inches away from the soil. Wood is a delicacy for termites. Putting wood next to soil gives termites a path of entry into your home. Make sure you leave ventilation between the soil and the wood part of your home’s foundation.

Eliminate Moisture

Eliminating moisture from areas in your home deters termites because they need moisture to thrive. Make sure there are no leaky faucets or pipes in your home that will attract termites. Once termites are attracted to an area in your home, they will create a nest and begin reproducing. Termites are underground dwellers who feed on wood surfaces, but rotting boards of wood are more than enough to attract hundreds of termites. To prevent termites from entering your home through the soft boards in your roof, make sure you schedule your roof for regular maintenance to detect minor issues and prevent them from becoming major issues that will be expensive to repair.

Install Downspouts and Gutters

You need to divert water away from your home by installing downspouts and gutters. Termites will be less of a problem if there’s no water around your home to attract them. Keep your gutters clean and free of debris, such as twigs and leaves. Debris clogs gutters and causes them to collect water. Leaves and twigs can also damage your gutters.

Perform Routine Inspections

Performing routine inspections not only prevents expensive repairs, but it also keeps your home in much better condition. A properly maintained home lesses the chance of your home being a prime target for a termite infestation. Have your home’s foundation checked for cracks and look for signs of mud tubes. Mud tubes are tunnels termites make to find different food sources. As you’re inspecting your home, look for signs of a termite presence, such as bubbling paint, uneven paint, and hollow-sounding wood.

Get a Professional’s Opinion (like us!)

A professional pest control expert, like Mariners Pest Control, can tell you if termites are a problem and steps to get rid of them quickly. We have a variety of tools and chemical solutions we use to get rid of termites and to make sure they don’t reappear. We also offer a FREE warranty! If you’re under the impression you have an issue with termites, don’t wait until the last minute to seek our help. The sooner you address the issue, the less chance there is of your home sustaining damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Don’t risk any DIY projects when it comes to removing termites from your California home. Regardless of how excellent a DIY method may be, it will not get rid of termites permanently, so you end up wasting time and money on termite removal hacks that don’t work. You could also cause further damage to your home.


Bonus Tip for New Homes: Use a Concrete Foundation

If you’re building your home from the ground up, invest in a concrete foundation. Concrete foundations are strong, flexible, and require little to no maintenance. These foundations are also fire and water-resistant. Termites are fond of wood, not concrete. Concrete is difficult for termites to penetrate, which makes it the perfect foundation for your home.

Dealing with termites is no walk in the park. If you believe you have termites in or around your home,  Request a free termite inspection online, call us at 888-945-2847 or visit our contact page. All of our termite inspections are no obligation and 100% free!