Protect Yourself from the Hidden Dangers in the Garden

You may feel like there is no better way to spend your afternoon like tending to your garden. What you are not aware of is the dangers that are hiding in your yard waiting to explode and do harm to you. Despite the beauty of the garden, you must be extra careful because every time you go to attend to it, you might be exposing yourself to different types of dangers which include;

Accidental cuts and scrapes

If your garden has thorny plants, ensure you have tetanus medicine ready. Thorns are a very unpleasant deal for every person. Some shrubs and flowers may seem beautiful and attractive in the garden, but they have thorns, and although the thorns are there to protect them from harm, the pinch of it can be very painful. Some have venom in them which makes it even more painful. It is advisable for you to wear gloves when working in the garden to prevent such incidences. Moreover, you are likely to get cuts or scratch from scraps on the ground, and the biggest problem with that are the bacteria. Bacteria are hidden in the soil and could, therefore, enter your body causing you more major problems.


You may have heard of incidences where many people have even died from picking up these bacteria that hides in moist soil. We already know that the potential of getting this deadly bacterium is there in the potting mix and the compost bags, but very few take the precaution of putting on masks. Put on a mask for your safety despite the feeling that your garden is safe; it is better than feeling sorry afterward. Other preventative measures include dampening down the soil before you start working on it so as to reduce dust, use of gentle water sprays and working in a well-ventilated garden.

Poisonous plants

The hazards could be growing on the farm without your knowledge. Poisonous plants can cause various skin reactions like mild skin irritations or a severe fatal response. A few people have been reported to die from plant poisoning. Some plants are wholly poisonous while some concentrate their poison in some parts like leaves and flowers. Some are toxic to animals but not to the human. Very few of them cause severe irritation. It is best if you put on protective gears while attending to the plants and discourage children from playing with berries, flowers, and leaves to avoid such incidences. Some of these killer plants are;

  • Foxglove – This kind of plant grows in woodlands but is also a common garden plant. It is popular for its small stem and purple flowers. Eating this plant can cause heart attack, and sucking or eating its seeds is the primary cause of the poisoning. If in contact with skin, it could result in rashes.
  • Deadly Nightshade – The berries from this plant excrete a poison that can paralyze the nerve endings in the blood vessels and heart.

Insect bites and spiders

Toxic insects are everywhere roaming under the soil. Some like bees and wasps are attracted to strong scents, so it is good if you avoid putting on any form of sprays or fragrance when working outdoors. In a case of a bee sting, remove the sting carefully and ensure not to squeeze the venom bag. Wear gloves if you are working on woodpiles and walls to avoid spider bites. Some spiders are very toxic.

Garden tools

You can be your own enemy too. Use of tools and machinery in the garden creates a lot of accidents and injuries. These could be cuts on the hands and feet, or the noisy machinery could cause hearing problems. It is nice to take good care and proper tool maintenance to reduce such risks. Loose machines are the primary causes of injuries and hearing damages due to noise. Also, wear protective clothes when handling them.

Harsh chemicals

Most of the pesticides and fungicides used for lawn care contain toxic substances. Some of them have been associated with congenital disabilities, adverse reproductive system, and mutations. If you are not sure which one are safe, its better you stick to organic mulches or consult an expert for help. Also, remember to implement protective measures when spraying.

Excess sun exposure

You are exposing your skin to the sun for an extended period which can lead to sunburn. Apply plenty of sunscreens and remember the neck and hands as they are the most exposed parts.

Other dangers include exerting your body to too much pressure. Bending the knees for a long time is unhealthy too. Your eyes also get exposed to dust and pollen which causes irritation. You should take several breaks and bring plenty of water for hydration. If you feel dizzy and weary when working, take a nap. Do not assume that it is just a usual thing as it could be a result of toxic contamination or dehydration.

Maintaining a beautiful garden is significant; however, you may be exposing yourself to some dangers. When dealing with it, it is wise to consider help from professionals especially when it comes to chemicals to use in your garden, controlling pests as well as handling some plants. Do not assume that it is a simple task; some dangers in the garden could even cost you your life or leave cause life-threatening injuries.

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