How To Get Rid of Termites

Termites can be such a bother the moment they get to your house. The moment that you realize there are termites in your home, you should take immediate steps to eliminate them before they get out of hand. If you are not able to get rid of them yourself, then you should call a specialist to deal with the menace the correct way and in a manner in that will ensure the termites do not come back. Besides eliminating them, you have to determine where they are coming from so that you can destroy this place too and avoid future disturbance. Below is a highlight on how to deal with termites.

Simple steps that helps in getting rid of termites

Identify the type of termite. This is the very first step so that you can apply the appropriate elimination method. The most common types of termites are:

  1. Dry wood termites: They eat and live on dry timber. They do not come into contact with the soil.
  2. Subterranean termites: These live in colonies in the ground. They enter the home through the foundation and destroy from the earth moving upwards.
  3. Other types of termites are cone-head termites, Formosan termites, and damp wood termites.

Determine the best method to get rid of the termites. Numerous methods exist that you can use as explained below:

  1. Use of appropriate insecticide: This is the most common way. However, some of the insecticides are very dangerous such that you will have to vacate the home for some time. The insecticide could be in the form of a gas or a liquid.
  2. Using bait: Use boric acids at the various bait stations. You just have to spread the boric acid on wood or the ground on a particular location. The acid attracts the termites and on arrival at the site, they all die. Apply the acid on the area often to ensure that there is enough to kill all those that come there.
  3. Get rid of wooden mulching: Termites will be highly attracted to wood mulching. Most of the termites will hide here, therefore, if you must have the mulching then choose another material other than wood or move the mulching away from the house.
  4. Flooding the soil will get rid of the termites that hide in the ground. Once you have identified the area where they reside, pour a lot of water, they will leave.
  5. Too hot or too cold temperatures will drive the termites away too. If they are in a room, it is possible to increase or lower the temperatures in that chamber. They will leave as soon as the environment does not favor their existence.
  6. Remove old tree stumps. Termites are known to live in such areas. Therefore, you should get rid of any that is near your home.

Signs of termites in your home

  • Cracked or bubbled paint.
  • Wood that sound hollow when you knock on it.
  • Mud tubes outside the house on the soil.

What to avoid when getting rid of termites

  • Wood greatly attracts termites. Therefore, you should avoid leaving timber and pieces of wood lying on the ground near your house.
  • There are times that the termites could be more than you can handle. The best step to take would be to seek professional help. They will know how to get rid of them no matter where they are or how many they are.
  • Any dirt like mulching or rocks that are within your compound will act as their hiding and breeding ground. It is important to have the place clean and free of any objects that could harbor them.

Always use protective clothing when handling these pesticides and be careful on the type of insecticides you are using since some of them can only be handled by professionals.

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