Mice are some of the most common pests, not just in the US but around the globe. It’s no surprise that most households will eventually have to deal with mice infestation. Mice will try and get into your home to seek shelter and food. You might have some understanding of mice, but here are 10 fascinating mouse facts:

  1. Mice Consume A Lot of Food

Mice have big appetites despite their small bodies and stomachs. They eat between 15 to 20 times a day and they will stop at several foods areas during the course of their day to eat or carry food. Because of their frequent eating habits, they tend to settle or build their homes near the source of their food. They eat all kinds of grains and fruits from the plants.

  1. Their Teeth Never Stop Growing

Mice, just like many other rodent species, have incisor teeth that never stop growing. The mice teeth grow at a rate of 0.3mm daily. This is the main reason why they gnaw their teeth on different items like cardboard boxes, furniture, and wires to grind their teeth down to a comfortable length. In some instances, mice have caused electrical fires and other damages as a result of grinding their teeth in electrical wires.

  1. Mice Are Excellent Gymnasts

Mice have superb gymnastic skills and they are brilliant climbers, jumpers and even swimmers. They can easily jump a foot and climb up with ease onto kitchen counters or pantries to get some food. You should always store your pantries stuff in plastic containers that are hard and close them with tightly sealed lids.

  1. They Can Squeeze Through the Tiniest Holes

Mice can squeeze through small gaps by flattening out their bodies. They can squeeze through a 6mm gap which is the diameter of a pencil. A small opening or gap such as a utility water pipe entrance is an open highway for a mouse. Seal any openings or cracks around your home or property using silicone caulk, wire wool or expanding foam.

  1. They Have a Short Lifespan

Mice, especially in the wild, have a short lifespan of around five to six months. The main reason for short lifespan is because of the many predators they have including cats, foxes, snakes, birds of prey and wild dogs. However, in a lab setting or those kept as pets, they can live for up to two years.

  1. Mice Can Multiply Very Quickly

Mice multiply at a very quick rate and a female mouse can give birth when they are two months old. They can get pregnant within two days of giving birth. They can give birth up to a dozen offspring every three weeks. If you spot one mouse, there are more mice close by.

  1. Mice Are Organized Mammal Creatures

Mice are tidy, clean and organized. In their underground homes or burrows, their building is complex with long entrances and several escape routes. They have separate and specific areas for storing their food, going to the toilet and using for shelter or sleeping.

  1. They Have Poor Eye Sight

Mice have poor eyesight and they are only able to see best in dim light. However, their other senses make up for their weak eyesight. Their whiskers, for instance, are very sensitive and they can easily use them to sense temperature and breeze changes and also feel the surfaces where they’re walking along. They also have supersonic hearing compared to humans; they can hear ultrasound of up to 90kHz. They use ultrasound when communicating between themselves as well. They also have strong smelling senses and use touch to detect whatever is around them.

  1. In Some Odd Ways, They Are Similar to Humans

The main reason why mice are used in laboratories for experiments is that their bodies and mind tend to work in a similar manner to those of humans. They are also adventurers and explorers and will work hard to explore each place for food. Mice can sense the experiences affecting other mice and can affect them too and empathize with each other. They also communicate with each other using unique sounds and facial expressions. And strangely, a male mouse can show romance when courting a female by singing a special mouse song. Sometimes, they are dramatic and can play dead when they’re under threat for a few seconds or minutes until the danger passes.

  1. There Are Different Mice Variety

There are over 30 species of mice in the world. The best-known type of mouse species is a house mouse which is also a popular pet among people. Other mouse species in or around homes are the American white-footed mouse, deer mouse, and the field mouse.

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