Keeping Ants Away From Your Home

During the warm or humid seasons, you are likely to discover ants entering your home or garden. Ants are known for being social, and they live in colonies of up to millions of ants, but the size of a colony depends on the species. Ants come in different types the common ones being pavement, carpenter, odorless house ants and acrobats just to mention a few.

Ants are capable of damaging things like getting into your food, damaging plants or causing stinging bites. If you have a person in the family, who is allergic to ants bite it may call for medical attention. These insects mean no good other than causing disturbances and they can make an invaded area uncomfortable to stay.

Dealing with ants and trying to get rid of them can be frustrating. Although there are pesticides used to eliminate them, some are toxic and poisonous to the human and environment. However, there are natural ways and home remedies to deal with ants.

The natural methods to keep them off include:

Taking precautions

The most natural ways to keep ants at bay is by following simple precautions and make them your daily routine which includes;

Cleaning dishes – It is recommended that you clean dishes immediately after use. If you are using a dishwasher, make sure to shut the door to keep ants from getting in. Leaving undone dishes in the sink for a long time will only be offering these insects free food. This includes the pet food dishes as the aroma of pet food can attract them too. The pet food bowls should be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of residues.

Vacuum your house – Ensure to sweep and vacuum your home regularly. Keep your kitchen clean always by mopping and scrubbing the crumbs off. Vacuum under the carpet and furniture to get rid of any crumbs that could have fallen under the carpet and ensure to dry each surface.

Wipe spills – Any food crumbs and spillage should be wiped out immediately. Also, make sure to use soap and water while cleaning off sticky spillage since using a dry wiper could leave the smell and taste of it even when you feel like you have cleaned the area which will attract ants.

Proper garbage disposal – Avoid disposing of food scraps in an indoor garbage can. The best way is to have the bin outside and ensure that it has a fitting rid. Also, make sure to dispose the raw food scraps away from the house since they contain liquids that can attract ants. These include peels like banana, carrots and potatoes peels. Also, the food leftovers should not be left on the table for an extended period. Dispose them off and cover the bin. Also, ensure that once the garbage can be full, get rid of the garbage and clean the container properly.

Sealing cracks and holes – Seal the crevices and cracks on windows and doors. Also, you can use vinegar where you make a mixture and then spread it on these areas as vinegar is a natural ant repellent.

Get rid of leftover – Avoid leaving food out. Dispose them off and make sure your dustbin has a tight lid to make sure you do not tempt the little creatures. Ensure to store cereals in airtight containers before storing them.

Check the condition of windows and door – Check if the screen is in excellent condition ensuring that you do not leave any spaces for the insects to pass through. The creatures are very tiny and leaving any uncovered holes allows them to get in the house quickly.

Dealing with the existing ants

If you already have an infestation, here are some methods to get rid of them;

Use Cinnamon

This is a natural ant repellent. You can make a mixture of Cinnamon and spray it on the floor or other entries like windows and doors. The best thing about Cinnamon is that it is easy to clean and it smells lovely thus it does not make the environment uncomfortable to live in.

Use soap

Make a mixture of soap and water and then spray it on the areas where you see ants. The mixture automatically kills the insects.

Apply Peppermint oil

Peppermint is an ant repellent, and they dislike the smell. Pour few drops of peppermint solution on a piece of cloth and use it to wipe clean surfaces, for example, in the kitchen.

Use coffee grounds

Pour coffee grounds into the ants’ colonies as the smell makes the ants lose track of the scent trails which will end up chasing them away.

You may follow all these steps and notice that ants keep showing up. In this case, you will need to contact a professional. Professionals can help you deter the insects once and for all and also offer you new strategies on how to deal with an infestation and how to avoid it.

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