Keeping Pests in Check During the Summer

Nobody loves dealing with cockroaches, mice, spiders, stinkbugs and other pests at their homes. Summertime is here, and most of these pests are likely to emerge as the ground is now warm making them come out of their hideouts. The following are ways to keep some of the summer pests in check;


Termites are both nuisance to human beings, and also they cause damages to homes and outdoor wooden structures near your home. If the infestation is serious, it could cause severe damages and losses. To keep termites away:

  • Put wood away from your home structure
  • Avoid keeping wood in contact with soil
  • Do not stack piles of wood against the house or put it directly on the ground. The good thing to do is build a place above the ground to place wood
  • After construction, ensure to get rid of all the dead roots and stumps
  • Get rid of moisture in the crawl space- Termites are attracted to moisture thus to avoid this, place vent openings for each 150 square of every crawl space
  • Repair any leaking water pipes
  • If you have to do mulching in your home garden, do not overdo it. Use water sparingly as overflowing water could attract termites

With these simple steps, you will keep termites away and reduce the chances of termite infestation in your home during the summer season. Take your time to survey your backyard so that you can identify any potential problem that could attract them this summer.

Stinging pests

Some pests like bees, hornets, and wasps can ruin your summer outdoors very fast. These pests are mostly attracted to sweets, foods and sticky food residues. Some people have severe allergic reactions to their stings, and hence, it is always a good idea to assume that these pests are dangerous and put them away. To do so:

  • Be cautious with foods and beverages outdoor. Always keep food covered to avoid attracting the pests. Any open soda cans and juice bottles can draw them very quick since stinging pests have been known to crawl into sweet beverage cans.
  • Keep the outdoor garbage pit clean and covered with a tightly sealing lid and if possible keep the trash cans away from home, children’s playgrounds and pets’ enclosure as the stinging pets can attack them.
  • These pests can also be attracted to wooden decks, especially the carpenter bees and wasps. To prevent this from happening, you can use sealants to protect the wood.
  • Keep your children warned about the dangers of going near the nests as they can provoke the pests


Ants are always on the hunt for foods and drinks; they do not just appear without reason. Therefore to keep them away, ensure you are not giving them what they want. Ants are a nuisance, and they come in various types like the fire ants which inflict painful stings. There is also a dozen of other kinds of ants which can cause significant problems to homeowners. To keep them away:

  • Clean up any food and drink spills as soon as you notice them. This applies to both indoors and outdoors. Spills, especially on the ground, will make the ants stay.
  • During a summer picnic, cover foods to avoid any chances of attracting them do not pile wood against your home foundation where people may lounge. Ants may hide under firewood and then quietly move inside your house and disturb the party.
  • If you have to do mulch in your yard, consider using egg rock instead of pine straw.


Mosquitoes are one of the scariest pests. They do more than just causing itching after bite. They can spread dangerous parasites and pathogens that cause diseases like Zika Virus and West Nile virus. They are also known for spreading malaria. During summer, the climate is favorable for them, and you are likely to encounter them in your home. To minimize the infestation:

  • Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Get rid of any stagnant water by dumping and draining water in buckets, neglected ponds, fountains or even old tires. Ensure that any containers holding water are well covered.
  • Put tight-fitting screens on windows and doors to prevent these pests from entering your house. Check the screens regularly to ensure they are in good condition
  • If you are planning on staying outdoors during the peak hours, ensure to put on long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Also, make sure to wear an EPA-approved repellent
  • Let the veterinarian advice you on how to keep your pets safe from mosquito bites
  • Get help from a pest professional and let them have a barrier treatment done on your home compound


We all know how dangerous and destructive cockroaches can be. They need three wings to survive which are; shelter; food and moisture. If you eliminate the three, you are creating an inhospitable environment for cockroaches. You can achieve this by:

  • Store all foods including the pet food in tightly sealed containers
  • Get rid of spills immediately
  • Wash dishes after use and do not pile them in the sink
  • Move and clean behind the refrigerator as that could be the pests’ hideout
  • Clean out all cabinets and other food storage areas
  • Get rid of trash near your home regularly

Above are just some of the many pests that you need to put in check during the summer season. Sanitation and hygiene are the main keys to keeping them away and this way; you can enjoy your summer at peace. Seek assistance from a pest control professional near you to help in getting rid of the pests.

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