Most Common Spiders in California

Spiders are creatures that have adapted nearly the entire terrestrial environment across the world. There are a variety of habitats in California, the desert dunes, red forests, and urban areas. For this, you will be surprised that over a half of the world’s spider families live here. You will certainly find spiders in almost all areas of California, and if you observe keenly, you will notice their different lifestyles and forms, and you will love the incredible diversity of this species.

There are varieties of spiders found in California. Some of them are venomous ad will look for insects and other spiders for food. However, although they are venomous, they are not dangerous to human beings. Most of them only attack when they are threatened, but mostly they run away to their hiding place. Spiders are viewed as dangerous creatures, but they are beneficial as they provide us with free services by consuming pests and insects in and outside homes.

The most common spiders found in California include:

Black widow

A study has shown that about 5% of the people that have been bitten by black window resulted in death, but most of them fully recovered. This spider is still considered as a dangerous species and poses a significant threat to the humans. When it bites, the victim may suffer from breath shortness, nausea, and muscle ache. The venom of the black widow species is stronger than the other spider species.

Black widow is identified by its coloration and the red markings on the belly. The females have a shiny body and black legs. The matured females are the only one that can bite through a person’s skin. Their size ranges from 5/16 to 5/8 inches.

Brown recluse

This is the most common spider in California. It lives in homes. It rarely bites, but instead, it avoids confrontations with humans. They are harmonious and are not aggressive towards people. They have been living with people peacefully, but they can bite if threatened.

Brown recluse venom is dangerous and can destroy tissues and spread to other organs. If a person has sensitive skin, the bite can leave a deep crater-like mark that may take months to heal. Most people, however, have made it through without serious reactions and recover on their own.

Yellow sac spiders

It is commonly found in homes and seen especially on ceilings or high up on walls. You can also find them in natural outdoor habitats. They are a bit more aggressive compared to other in-house spiders, and they bite when threatened. The bite depends on the individual who has been bitten. Some people suffer from small red bumps which may last for a few weeks. Others get swellings and an itching and burning pain. The swelling is followed by the development of a pustule on the infected area.

It is advisable that after being bitten, you should not smash the spider but keep it alive so that it can be identified especially for people who experience severe symptoms.

Wolf spiders

It is among the most common types of spiders found in California also known as the California wolf spider. They are easily recognized due to their thick long legs and its brown and black color. The name comes from the fact that they love hunting their prey which is the insects on the ground rather than waiting in the web as most spiders do. They also make their way in houses as they look for their prey.

Wolf spiders have no webs hence they carry their eggs along with them as they hunt in a sac found beneath their abdomen. After the offspring are hatched, they cling to the mother’s legs until they are mature enough to venture on their own. The wolf spiders are not aggressive towards humans, but if threatened, they can inflict a sting bite which causes swelling.

American house spider

Another spider that you are likely to encounter in California homes is the American house spider also known as the common house spider. The American house spiders are small and stubby with a measurement of about ¼- inch long. They are brownish in color with a spotted appearance.

Common house spider makes their webs behind doors, in corners or crevices of walls. They feed mostly on insects trapped in the web, but at times the house spiders could feed on small lizards. They are not aggressive; instead, they avoid contact with human and can act dead when threatened.

California trapdoor spider

As the name suggests, the spider is common indoors, and its appearance is almost similar to the tarantulas. They bite unsuspecting persons if disturbed from their corner. Their venom is however not dangerous to humans.

Spider are beneficial when it comes to pests elimination but if you feel that they are posing a threat in your home especially to your children, do not hesitate to take solution measures or call pest control for help.

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