There are many resources in the media and everywhere else concerning the health of pollinators. Pollinators are important since they help in pollination. Examples of these pollinators include bees, butterflies, birds, beetles, and birds. There are many threats facing pollinators, and the major one is the lack of nectar and pollen sources.

Pollinators are important components of our environment for the following reasons:

  • Thousands of plants need to be pollinated to produce finished products that are used in food, spices, beverages, fibers, and medicines. Pollinators make this possible by distributing the pollen.
  • Most of the foods consumed by people and animals are produced through pollination. Without the pollinators, these foods will not be available.
  • Through pollination, a country can produce food in surplus that can be sold to generate income.

Currently, pollinators have been under crisis with beekeepers recording losses every year. These losses translate to less production of fruits and vegetables. The reason is that pollinators are declining in number. There are different things that could be done to protect the pollinators. These things include:

  • Have a variety of plants of different shapes and sizes to encourage diversity. Remember to get wildflowers that are adapted to the climate of the place. Pollinators are of different species and sizes hence the need for a variety of flowers. By having different flowers in your garden, you will beautify your garden
  • Ensure there are plants blooming every season. Some species are active throughout the year while others are available seasonally. There should be plants during each season to ensure that they have food at all times.

The feeding is necessary for bumblebee queens to feed and start their colonies. After being born, new queens hibernate during winter, and after they emerge during spring, they will need nectar and pollen to feed and become strong enough to start their colonies.

  • Pesticides are known to affect the population of pollinators in a negative manner. Instead of using pesticides, natural pest eaters are better off since they repel pests naturally. Some of the plants include garlic and basil. The government can help by banning the use of harmful pesticides on farms and gardens.
  • In case you find a colony near your home, you should call a licensed pest expert to identify the kind of pest and give an alternative solution. You should not try to get rid of the colony yourself since they might be dangerous.
  • When you plant your garden, you should be ready to have bees and other pollinators in your garden. Your garden should be welcome to bees owned by professional beekeepers. These beekeepers are professionals at dealing with bees and will take the necessary measures to ensure you are safe.

Pollinators are important when it comes to food supply. They should be protected to ensure their population does not decrease and the government is putting a lot of effort in taking care of them. By practicing these measures, you will have taken a positive step towards protecting pollinators from extinction.

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