Just picture a situation where a complex society made of little creatures that burrow through your yard and swarm all over your doors and lurking your house. These pests patiently eat away your furniture and walls causing too much damage and destruction which will cost you a lot on repair and replacement. This has become an everyday ordeal that many people are facing each day. By this, am talking about termite infestation. It is a problem that everyone wants to avoid. Prevention is essential, and it is good if done early enough. Protect your home from these creatures, and you can do that by doing the following;

Get rid of any wood in contact with the ground

Many infestations happen due to the wood being in contact with the soil. Wood to earth contact gives the termites an easy access to moisture, shelter and food and direct entry to the building. Wood siding, window and door frames and other wood items should be at least five inches from the ground. To do this, you may require degrading soil or mulch from the foundation and cut the wood bottom or if the post must reach the ground, put it on a concrete base. However, posts that are erected on concrete grounds are also vulnerable to termites since they extend to the soil.

Do not allow moisture to accumulate near foundation

Termites are mostly attracted to moisture and are likely to infest an area that is moist and next to the soil. To prevent this, divert water from the foundation using gutters and splash blocks. Ensure to repair any leaking pipes, faucets and air conditioning units.

The ground near the foundation should be sloped at an angle that lets the water drain away from the building. A home with poor drainage is better with tiles and drains. If you have irrigation systems and lawn sprinklers, adjust them to minimize water getting to the foundation.

Get rid of moisture in the crawl spaces

Most builders will recommend a one square vent opening for every150 square of the crawl space. Each vent should be about 3 feet in each outer corner of the building. Keep the vents free of dirt, debris, leaves and remove any obstructing vegetation.

Humidity can also be reduced by use of 4-6 ml polyethylene sheet on the soil surface. The cover acts a vapor barrier and reduces evaporation from the ground. Pest control companies install these vents and polyethylene sheets.

Do not store lumber, firewood and wood debris inside the crawl space or against foundation

Cardboard boxes, lumber, firewood, newspapers and books and other wood materials attract termites since they are a source of food. If you stack them against the foundation or other hidden paths of entry, you will allow termites to pass through. You should also avoid vines or other plants that are touching the house.

After building, ensure to get rid of dead stumps and tree roots that are beneath the house as they can attract termites and look out for any grade stakes and old boards that might be left behind after construction.

If you have to use mulch, use it sparingly

If you have a garden nearby your house, mulching is necessary. Ensure it is not too much especially if you have termites nearby or other termites’ favorable conditions. A lot of people use landscape mulching, but they do not understand improper usage can contribute to termite infestation.

Termites love mulch due to moisture and the insulation it offers them against extreme temperatures. However, the mulch is not a preferred source of food for termites but the moisture retaining property is more attractant than the food itself; thus, use as little water as possible. Use the mulch sparingly about 2-3 inches and ensure it is not in contact with door and window frames or wood siding.

Call a profession pest control company for help

Your buildings have many openings that can allow termites’ entrance some of which are beyond your control. Most of the measures above will help minimize the chances of termite infestation in your home, but you should not stop there.

The ideal way to prevent it is by use of termiticide. Also, treating your home against termites is something you cannot afford to ignore especially if your home has had no treatment history before. This is because if you treat your home you can keep the warranty and if the pests attack you, the company will retreat the infested area at no extra cost.

Thinking about termites let alone seeing them prodding your property can be scary and unpleasant. However, getting on top of the issue is essential. Take the ideal measures to prevent termite damage by getting rid of their potential hideouts and doing a proper treatment and with this; you can be comfortable that your home is safe.

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