As small, harmless and attractive as they may seem, mice can undoubtedly cause a lot of harm to you and your family.

During dry seasons, pests and rodents including mice start preparing for fall seasons, hence look for alternative sources of food, water, and shelter inside structures. Much like other groups of rodents, mice require food and water for survival and your home is their target.

Mice are aggressive on getting food; they can spoil, and contaminate their target source of food by chewing container tops and other food packaging and in the process transmit harmful bacterias such as salmonella. The mice will spoil your furniture and the house in general not forgetting the awful smell they bring.

When mice invade your home, you can use traps. They are inexpensive and incredibly effective. Traps use a simple principle. A mouse smells food (for instance cheese), comes inside the trap, and the trap closes. As a result, the mouse will be trapped. So, you may take it to a safe place and set free. Some traps kill mice. However, you may use the ones that only capture them, if you do not want to kill mice for reasons such as disposal.

Proper sanitation is the key to getting rid of mice out of your home. You should collect and keep your garbage receptors tight or empty it, clean your counters, collect garden debris regularly and make sure you eliminate clusters. Also, prevent mice and other rodents from gaining access to your home by blocking any form of the entrance they may access such as holes and cracks. Below are preventive measures that will assist you to prevent mice and other rodents from gaining access to your home.

Mice prevention measures

  • Ensure all of your doors in the house and garage is free of gaps. Also, ensure dryer screens and utility vents are free of openings and cracks that the mouse can use to enter.
  • Seal openings around your home – Make sure to check all the connection of utilities and pipes where they connect to your home. Mice and other rodents can squeeze through a tiny opening and get access to your house.
  • Store your firewood on raised ground for better view to avoid the rodents from hiding under the wood.
  • Repair and regularly replace worn out mortars around your home including the windows.
  • Cut the grass around tour compound regularly, trim trees and shrubs, collect leaves and debris where mice and other rodents can hide giving them no room for breeding and becoming hard to control and keep away from your home.

As well known, homeowners have many concerns and taking care of the house is one important consideration. Every day, homeowners have to solve different problems. For instance, it may be necessary to fix a sink or to get rid of moles in the backyards. Every homeowner understands that s/he should invest in the house to keep it attractive, clean and comfortable. One common issue is getting rid of mice as they can cause lots of problems for the homeowner.

If you experience any problem getting rid of mice and especially where they are in large number, you need to find help as this will make the process easier. Seeking professional help will go a long way in ensuring that you keep the mice away from your home for good. Call us today and enjoy the comfort and convenience of a mouse free home and at a pocket-friendly price. There are numerous ways to get rid of the mice such as the traps as mentioned earlier. Others include the use of various poisons. However, these processes can be challenging or tedious if you do not have sufficient knowledge. This is where our services come in as we offer valuable information on the same.

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