Like insects infestations, spiders’ infestation can be a troubling affair to homeowners. Generally, Spiders are harmless but depending on the person’s sensitivity, they can cause serious angst. Some spiders are actually dangerous and can even cause serious medical complications if the bites are left unattended. It is therefore essential for homeowners to be in a position to identify any signs indicating of spiders’ infestation in their areas for safety purposes.


This is one of the most clear ways to identify that you have a spider problem at your premises. The more the spider webs at your residence or your commercial place, the higher chance that you have a spider infestation. In such cases, some spiders create straightforward and elaborate patterns of web networks while others create some complex designs for their homes. Any of these web patterns is enough evidence that you are facing a spider problem at your place and if proper caution to eliminate the spiders is not taken.

If you do not deal with the spiders after noticing their existence at your premise, it means that the spiders will have an ample time to develop egg sacs, that when given enough time, will produce baby spiders. 

Egg Sacs

There are various types of spiders, and most of them lay hundreds of eggs all at once and wrapped in a silk bag. Once you spot sacs of eggs at your residence, you should be aware that within a short period they will hatch. You will then have many more spiders to deal with. Dealing with the egg sacs is much easier than dealing with the spiders after the hatching. After the hatching, the baby spiders are likely to spread to other areas making it harder to exterminate them.

Excess flying insects

Mosquitoes, flies, moths and other small flying insects are a great source of food to spiders. If you notice this variety of insects moving in and around your residence, take a careful look around your home to see if you see more signs of spider infestation. These little critters will eventually attract spiders to your home because they are a source of food to predatory spiders. Spiders commonly make their webs near interior and exterior lights because they draw many kinds of bugs making them an easier target for predators.

Presence of most moist environments

It is important to note that different kinds of spiders live in different settings. Most of the varieties of spiders are attracted to moist environments, and it is crucial to conduct a proper check of such areas in your residence. Areas mostly with wet surfaces include; walls, sheds, and basements. Conducting proper checks is vital to reduce any chances of spider infestation in your premise. Moist areas are also rich grounds for insect breeding, which is a significant source of food for spiders.

Seeing spiders

The absolute sign of a spider infestation is actually seeing a spider! Seeing just one or few spider, it doesn’t mean that you have a spider infestation, but if you’re noticing more spiders around your home, it’s time for extermination. It is crucial to identify the kind of spider that you have spotted so that to determine whether it is harmless or not. However, whether harmless or not you should get rid of them as quickly as possible. There are thousands of types of spiders with different preferences of where they call home.

It is critical to keep on checking for spiders especially in some areas of your residence — spiders like some areas such as junctions of walls and ceilings, attics, storage boxes, and closets.

Presence of burrows on your walls

Some kinds of spiders like living in burrows rather than webs. Some walls on residences have many burrows providing a conducive environment for the survival of spiders. Presence of many burrows on your walls might, therefore, translate to having a spider’s infestation in your home unlike in most cases where people only observe for the presence of webs or other significant signs of spider infestations.

Apart from observing the above-discussed signs, it is crucial to maintain proper standards of sanitation around and in your residence. Ensure that the environment around your resident is managed well and regular checks for any pest invasions are necessary.

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