The Swarming Season Is Upon Us Southern California – Got Termites?

If you haven’t already Southern California, it’s time to prepare for swarming termites. Hot temperatures, after wet rainy days, will start to attract those wood damaging termites. In areas like LA, Huntington Beach, Irvine, and San Diego termites can swarm from June through October.

Termites exist, pinpointing the exact time is anyone guess.

“Termite swarms are upon us”, suggests Mariners Pest Control, headquartered in Irvine California,  “It’s always best to prepare both businesses and households for the  coming of the colony invasions. The vision of seeing tiny winged bugs flying out from under your carpets, tiles in the floor, or cracks in the walls can be frightening.

Think ahead and consider a protection plan specific to your home or business.

Termite Season

Look For Signs of Termite Infestations — Tis The Season Southern California.

Termites once invading your home and business can become very destructive.  Statistics show that termite damage results in close to $2 billion worth of damages each year in the United States alone. These wood destroying organisms can cause serious damage to homes, apartments, commercial buildings, barns, sheds, mailbox, light poles and trees on your property.

FYI Termites require wood as food, a moist environment, a place to call home (YOUR HOME), and Warm temperatures. Sounds like 100% of the homes and buildings in southern California are prey to a termite invasion.

Got Questions about a suspected infestation of swarming bugs.

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