Spiders are found in many places. There are different species found in and around the home. These spiders are of different species and are not identical. The only thing spiders have in common is that they have eight legs. Spiders are known to eat insects and act as a natural exterminator. However, despite these wonderful things they do, people are still afraid of them.

The fear of spiders comes from the belief that they are all poisonous while that is not the case. Most spiders are harmless to human beings and can be kept as pets. Spiders can make fascinating pets, but you need to know how to deal with them. Here are some tips on taming a spider and having it as a pet.

  • If you want to have a spider as a pet, you should first catch one. Before you go looking for one, educate yourself on the different spiders around and the venomous ones to prevent any accidents. Most spiders found in homes and their compounds are usually harmless. When going to catch a spider, ensure you have a jar to put it in and avoid having more than one spider in a jar since they will kill and eat each other.

You can look at the best spiders to keep as pets online, and you can ask at the pet store.

  • Ensure you have a cage for your spider. You can keep them in jars as long as they have breathing holes that are big enough to let air in but small to ensure they do not escape. Spiders do not need a lot of space since they are small creatures.

You can get ready-made spider cages from pet stores. Put things like soil, rocks, sticks, and other things to encourage webbing and climbing as well as hiding. You will want the spider to be in an almost natural environment.

  • Ensure you provide water in the cage. However, you are not supposed to make the cage damp since it is dangerous for the spider. Some spiders will take water that is sprayed on their webs. You can try this while avoiding flooding the cage.
  • Spiders need to feed at least thrice weekly. You can get crickets and other insects from pet stores and look for insects outside if no pesticides have been sprayed. Pesticides are not only considered harmful to insects but can be deadly to spiders.
  • After you have ensured all the above conditions have been met, you can observe the spider’s behavior. There are different things spiders do especially once they feel comfortable and settle in their cages. You can watch them hunt insects and spin their webs among other things.

Spiders are fascinating once you get the chance to study them. However, for you to completely understand them, you need to keep a close eye on them. Having them as a pet is one way you can get to watch it and enjoy having it near you. Having a pet spider gives you a chance to show others that they are not all dangerous and they can be tamed.

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