Termites Eat Wood – What To Look For

Termites are an army of Subterranean workers that live underground. Often times undetectable, unless you know what your looking for. They feed on wood. I work for Mariners Pest Control homes inspectors / exterminators in Southern California, and I know exactly what to look for as I inspect a house.

Termites although fascinating, are destructive. Hiring a professional pest exterminator that knows what to look for will ensure that termites are detected.

I recall one inspection where the first sign of an infestation was the detection of a pathway, tunnels made by these wood destroying insects. While noting that in my report, I continued to inspect the home by checking the roof. The roof had a leak from rain. The leak invited moisture, moisture, invited a large infestation of termites. There was a huge portion of wood damage.

My customer wanted to scream in terror knowing that, as she put it, “hellish little uninvited home invaders”, were munching away at her home while she slept sleeping, made me her want to scream in terror. Do you blame her. Pretty honest reaction.

Not only does a pest control company like ours inspect, and exterminate; we also repair structural damage from termites. That’s the beauty of hiring a full service exterminator like Mariners Pest Control; we know what to look for and once we find the root of your pest control problem, we make it disappear.

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We inspect, exterminate and repair. Mariners Pest Control

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