Why have termites invaded my home?

Have termites invaded your home.  Listed are a few reason that left your home vulnerable to a termite invasion and what you can do to protect yourself.


  • Your foundation : Exposed wood beams or opening beneath the ground, will be a “welcome” sign to termites to enter and start damaging your home’s foundation.
  • Trees on your property : The perfect source of food for termites, trees that are dead or dying. Imagine an invasion of termites feeding on a tree in your yard. The tree becomes unstable and may even fall causing further damage toy your property.
  • Wood chip mulch : Why leave mulch laying around the foundation of your home? Not a very smart idea. This too is an open invitation for termites. Mulch which is great for trees due to it’s moisture is also a breeding ground for fungus. Termites love lumber scraps, boards, firewood, pallets, anything wood.
  • Remove Dead Trees : Once a dead tree has been removed by a tree surgeon, the remains of the stump begins to collect precipitation, fungal growth sets in and the roots which have possible termite infestation will travel through the roots to your your foundation.
  • Them Gutters, Who would of ever thought? : Clogged gutters can cause rain water to run  through your wall voids /siding. Foam insulation and wet moist wood is a main reason for “satellite colony” termite problems. Termite control technicians will take the appropriate measures to identify the root of the termite invasion in order to eliminate all the termites.
  • Drains surrounding your home : Moisture attracts termites. Al drains and gutters should be led away from the home.
  • The crawl space : Crawl spaces are often on dirt floors covered in wood debris, warm air flowing through, where moisture build-up begins. Perfect invitation for termites.
  •  An annual protection plan : Hire a pest control professional to inspect your home every year. Termite exterminators know what to look for. Are you prepared for a termite invasion? At least schedule a free termite inspection to ensure that your home is not at risk. If your selling your home, you may require an inspection report before the sale can go through. Southern California is a breeding ground for termites . Contact a pest control professional to lfind out what options are available to you in order to ensure that your home is termite free.
Termite Invasion

Here’s a few clues why termites have decided to take up space on your property!