It is every person’s nightmare to see a massive termite infestation in their home since it results in significant damage to the homes. The good thing is that when discovered early enough, the termite problem can be thwarted. The treatments are, however, expensive and extensive and the longer the termite infestation is left untreated, the costlier it becomes. As the termites keep on destroying furniture and other parts of the house, it gets worse and more expensive to repair them.

It is good if you learn how to avoid such situations and prevent the ravages created by termites. Prevention is always the number one step to keep your home free of termite and avoid significant expenses. To deal with them, you should;

Know your enemy

The first step to fighting this battle is by identifying your enemy. Understand what conditions attract termites, and this will arm you with the necessary knowledge required to destroy them. The primary key is to keep your home environment dry by clearing all the stagnant water and repair any leakages and cracks.

Learn the signs of termites’ infestation and observe all your property frequently to see if you get any signs. Prevention starts with the minor actions you take some of which include;

  • Covering your firewood – If you must store wood in or outside the house, ensure it is covered as it is one of the main areas targeted by termites
  • Ensure your garden is few meters from the home – Trees in your garden are also an attraction for the termites and it would be better if it is not near your homestead
  • Keep the wood debris, sawdust, mulch, and scrap lumber away from the home
  • If you must keep firewood in the house especially during winter, make sure to hold it at a raised surface, off the ground
  • Trim the shrubs and bushes away from your home foundation and move mulch away from the foundation
  • Remove the infested stumps and trees
  • Clear the leaves that accumulate in drainage and gutters
  • Ventilate the crawling spaces and attics to minimize humidity
  • Ensure that no wood is in contact with soil
  • Seal cracks and holes that might provide the termites with access points

Prevention is the primary key

It is recommended that regular termite inspection is done to get a termite solution on time. Performing a comprehensive inspection gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe or even your commercial property. It ensures that termites are not wreaking your property and if you find any signs, call a pest control specialist near you and let them advise you on how to eliminate the threat.

Their diet

Termites are known for feeding mostly on wood. They can also consume books the minute they get in the house. These pests are responsible for bringing pieces of dead woods back to your environment. This should be one of the signs to look for to know if you have an infestation. They will fill your home with their preferred type of foods.

The swarm

When a termite swarm ventures out a nest in your home, they try as much to squeeze and fit in cracks in walls and foundation. The swarming termites love the light, and you can find them near windows and light fixtures. They swarm after a colony has reached an ideal size and if the weather condition is optimal for flight. If you see a swarm in your homestead, you should get worried since this is a sign that there is a well-established colony living in your home or near you and you need to take precautions. There are different termite swarms which include:

Subterranean swarm

The subterranean colonies are known for producing many swarmers. Due to the vast number, it is easy for homeowners to notice them. Most of them swarm during spring and especially during the day although the Formosan termites swarm during the night.

Drywood termite swarms

These flocks are smaller than the subterranean swarms since they are no more than 100 swarmers. Due to the minimal size, it is not easy to notice that you have an infestation. However, these swarmers often wing near windows after a swarm which will give you a warning. They crowd mostly during the summer season.

Dampwood termite swarms

They swarm during summer. These swarmers are a less concern to homeowners since they rarely damage homes. They rarely nest in homes since the moisture content found in wood is not sufficient. They, however, produce swarms which can be spotted in forest surrounding homes for example poles.

If you notice any signs suggesting that there is a termite swarm near your home, call a pest control expert and let them do a thorough inspection to identify the location of the nest. It is better if noticed early enough before the infestation gets out of control.

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