The tension of the number of bedbugs rising in many states is causing many travelers to have sleepless nights. Many travelers are ending up canceling their trips in fear of bed bugs. Notably, bedbugs are found in office buildings, movie theaters, apartments, department stores and plenty of homes. Many a time we think that lack of proper cleanliness only, causes bedbugs, but one thing you should remember is that bugs feed on blood. Thus, bugs can be found anywhere people spend a lot of time or where people sleep.

Bedbugs should not be your stumbling block in your success by making you cancel your business trip or even cause dull days because of making you cancel your vacation. Bedbugs can be prevented while you are traveling. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure here are some of the useful tips on how bugs can be prevented:

  • Be Informed – According to research, lack of precautions and awareness, using a different method to control pest and increase in the number of travelers causes the rise of bedbugs. As a traveler, you need to wake up and smell the black coffee. Be informed and stay up to date on the latest trends in traveling news on articles, online and on social media.
  • Research before making any bookings – Log in sites that provide traveling advice and check if the hotel you are planning to book has any reported cases related to bedbugs’ issues. It takes only one customer to influence the hotel with the outbreak of bedbugs. Investigating from customer reviews will be more efficient than making a phone call at the hotel asking if they are having a bug problem.
  • Inquire from the management – Before checking in it will be wise for you to get to know how the administration is controlling and treating bedbugs. There are quite some hotels that are putting effort to ensure safety for their clients as well as for themselves.
  • Inform your kids – Creating awareness and informing your children about bedbugs just the same way you teach them about other insects such as mosquitoes and bees is paramount. Teach them how to spot bugs, and how they can prevent the outbreak.
  • Take caution before you settle in a room – Inspect the room before you start unpacking your luggage. Don’t put your traveling bags on the bed, floor or chairs before you are sure that the hotel room is bed bug-free. Look for any sign of bedbugs such as blood stains, feces, or shedding of bugs’ skin.
  • Report to the management immediately in case of any suspicion of presence of bedbugs – It is not your duty to take responsibility in the event of bedbug outbreak in the hotel. It is the management’s responsibility. The management will provide significant measures to control the outbreak. Inspect the room that you will be transferred to before you unpack and settle. Most hotel rooms will provide the customer with free laundry services, and proper assurance in controlling the areas that have been affected.
  • Keep bed bugs away with Neem oil – Neem Oil spray can be mist on the bed and its environs to kill the bedbugs. Neem oil spray is proven by doctors to be environmentally friendly and safe method to keep the bed bugs away from you.
  • Use plastic to wrap your travel bags – You can keep your luggage wrapped in plastic for extra protection. Packing your traveling bags does not only offer protection in the hotel room alone, no, but also in taxis, airplanes, and trains.
  • Conduct a full blown infestation when you get back home – When you go back to your house, perform a thorough inspection at the garage, bathtub, and balcony in plain language outdoor away from beddings and furniture. You can spot bedbugs in light colors, and plus bugs have a hard time on smooth surfaces thus it is easy for you to notice them. Keeping the traveling bag out in the hallway is highly advisable. Besides you need to check your linings, pockets and seams. Launder all the clothes even the ones you did not put on.

One important thing you should note is that bedbugs can be controlled and treated.

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