What Makes Cockroaches Hard to Control

Cockroaches have a reputation of being hard to get rid of or eliminate them from homes. They are found to be gross and unattractive. Cockroaches are mostly attracted to dirty environments. These creatures seem to be the most disgusting among other pests. This is because they can easily get to your food and other kitchen items which will automatically ruin the mood for the meal. These creatures have been in existence for millions of years, and they have been found to be adopting new habits and unique survival behaviors from time to time. This allows them to thrive in different types of environments which include homes.

Controlling cockroaches is vital especially in protecting human health, but unfortunately, it can be very challenging. The pests are known for triggering various kinds of allergies and asthma. They are also known for spreading different types of bacteria and this being said, it is evident that they are a significant threat to homes.

Before trying to get rid of cockroaches, you should be aware that you have an infestation. Some of the hints that you have cockroaches in your home include:

Seeing them physically – This is the most obvious sign that you have roaches in your house. You are likely to see them mostly at night as they are nocturnal insects. You will see them trying to hide once you enter a room and turn lights on.

Roaches droppings – Roaches are known for eating almost anything. From human food to dead skin just to mention a few and this makes their metabolism rate very high. You are likely to come across droppings which may vary depending on the kind of cockroaches you are dealing with, for example, the brown-banded roaches or the German cockroach.

Roaches eggs – Their breeding is aggressive, and that is why this may help you identify if you have an infestation. They do not lay single eggs, but rather they lay an Oothecae which is like a bag holding many eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the Oothecae is left behind and once you spot it, you will know that you already have the cockroaches in your home.

Smell – The pests may produce an odor, and the smell worsens once the infestation is increasing. This smell may be coming from many roaches, but in a case of German cockroaches, just a single one is enough to give put the oily smell. The smell is awful and spreads fast which can even affect the taste of food.

After noticing that you have an infestation following these tips, you now try to get rid of them, but this can get hard and challenging for you. Some of the reasons why it is hard to control cockroaches include;

They reproduce very fast

The female cockroach can produce over 30,000 cockroaches in a single year. This way if you are infested with about ten female cockroaches, and you fail to notice them on time, before you know it, you will be hosting thousands of their offspring. This gets hard to manage when they are in large numbers.

German cockroaches are more dangerous than the brown banded ones, and their rate of growth is very high due to the following reasons;

  • Lack of predators- Mostly you will keep your home clean and avoid any pests. This way there will not be any predator present to feed on these nasty creatures. If you do not notice the infestation timely, they will keep reproducing without any threats thus the high growth rate;
  • They can survive without eating for days. These creatures are very resilient, and they are capable of withstanding for up to 18 days without eating. Therefore, if they decide to go into hideouts, they will survive just fine without coming out to look for food.
  • Immunity towards pesticides -The German cockroaches are not easily killed with baits. They have adapted to the sugary baits used to kill roaches, and they have evolved which makes it hard for them to fall into the trap. However, the baits are useful when it comes to other types of roaches.

Roaches are fast

Once you enter a room and turn the lights on, these pests will already be in their hideouts within seconds. Even the newly born cockroaches have a speed almost the same as their parents. It is therefore hard for you to kill it even when you spot it right in front of you.

They are small in size

This is an advantage for them as it allows them to hide in cracks and crevices on walls and furniture. The male cockroach can sneak in a hole with a width of 1/16 inch. With this, you will never find them.

Cockroaches are not only hard to control and get rid of, but also, they pose a health threat to you, your family and your guests. Thrive to keep them off by observing the sanitation of your home. Ensure to get rid of anything that might attract an infestation. These include storing your food in closed containers, keeping the kitchen and cabinets off any clutters just to mention a few. If you notice that you have roaches in your home, contact a pest control professional near you and let them help you in managing the issue.

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