Among the most prevalent pests in households are ants. In California there are about 270 species of ants, but fewer than a dozen of those species are reported as household pests. The most common ant infestations occurring in California are the Argentine ant, Pharaoh ant, odorous house ant, thief ant, southern fire ant, and pavement ant.

Inside homes, ants feed on sugar, syrup, honey, fruit juice, fats and meat. Thousands of ants may form a long trail between the nest and food sources within your home, causing considerable concern and alarm. While most ant species do not bite or sting, fire ants have been known to be quite aggressive.

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    Mariners Pest Control technicians will inspect your home during an ant infestation to evaluate the scope of the problem and develop a customized treatment plan. Any infestation prevention recommendations are also given at the time of inspection to help prevent future ant infestations in combination with ant extermination.


    While implementing an ant control and extermination plan, it is essential to follow through with recommendations to remove food and water access for the unwanted guests. Indoor and outdoor insecticide treatments may be necessary to properly exterminate the ant population, combined with quarterly perimeter insecticide treatments and refillable bait stations to the exterior of your home to help control the ant colony population and provide ant infestation prevention. The professional ant control and ant extermination services with Mariners Pest Control, combined with exclusion and sanitation methods around your home, will keep your family ant-free.

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    Fire ants cause an estimated $5 billion worth of damage in North America per year, and large numbers of fire ant stings can result in death.

    I woke up to ants all over my kitchen counter tops. I killed all of the ants and cleaned my kitchen. Will they come back?

    In all likelihood, the ants will return within a short window of time. When ants enter your home, they also leave behind a scent so others of their like can follow the trail to food. In order to eliminate your ant infestation and provide ant control, it is recommended that you contact a pest control professional.

    Can I treat this ant problem by myself?

    Over the counter products are ineffective at treating ant infestations long-term. While they may provide a quick fix, the do-it-yourself approach only kills the ants you see. To be truly effective, a treatment must penetrate and destroy the unseen nest, which could be in your walls or foundation. Only professional pest control products, purchased by a certified and licensed provider, have the capability of getting to the heart of your ant problem.

    I believe that I have identified fire ants on my property. I have pets and children. Should I be concerned?

    A fire ant’s sting can be a very serious concern to people and pets. Fire ants can become very agitated when their nests are disturbed, and fire ants are capable of climbing onto a person and repeatedly biting or stinging their victim. It is recommended that you contact a professional as soon as you spot fire ants on your property to exterminate the fire ant colony.

    Can ants cause property damage?

    Carpenter ants are capable of excavating wood in order to build their nests, which can cause extensive damage to a structure. While most species of ants are considered “nuisance pests,” not all species can be filed in this category. Contact your pest control professional should you suspect that you have a carpenter ant or other wood destroying organism infestation.

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    Behind 1 ant, there may be up to 1,000,000 more. We stop ant invasions!

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