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Do You Suspect Termites?

Termites are not usually visible to the eye of the homeowner or business owner. Not surprisingly, a termite infestation could go undetected by the building owner until thousands of dollars of structural damage has set in. That’s why you need to call in Mariners Pest Control to protect your home—before termites can do any more damage.


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Termite Control from Mariners Pest Control will rid your home of termites.  We know what to look for to determine whether there is a termite infestation and the extent of damage that has been done to your home or business. Once called to your home or place of business, our termite exterminators will look for the following:

  • Evidence of Swarmers
  • Mud Tubes
  • Mud in Construction Joints
  • Wood in Your Landscape (Wood mulch, Firewood, Deadwood)
  • Wood Damage

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