Los Angeles County Free Termite Inspection

At Mariners Pest Control, we get frequent calls about termite inspections, even if the homeowners haven’t noticed the first signs of termites in their home yet. Why? Because even hypothetically, termites can spell a huge amount of damage to the home and it’s extremely difficult and costly to repair when the damage is too severe.

How can we help? When our customers are under real stress about their situations, we make sure they don’t panic. Our inspections have helped hundreds of thousands of customers throughout Northern California, providing timely interventions to customers, residential and commercial alike, who need a fast answer to their termite problems.

The Facts About Los Angeles Termites

First, let’s go over some key facts about termites and the damage they can inflict on your home or office:

  • Subterranean termites, most notably Formosan termites, cause the most damage to residential homes in the United States.
  • Much like ants, termites separate into social classes which define their roles in the colony.
  • Subterranean termites make their homes underground, while drywood termites typically take up residence and the walls and attics of your structures.

What does all this mean? With as many species of termites present in the United States as there are, they can assault various aspects of your structure, making them virtually undetectable until you reach the point of no return.

The Value of Frequent Termite Inspections

For these reasons, especially for customers in Los Angeles, where termites are more present than the American average, it is crucial to schedule frequent inspections to be completely sure that your property is free from an infestation.

When you call us for your free inspection, you’ll get a thorough evaluation of your property’s risk areas, including:

  • Checking for mud tubes
  • Evidence of swarmers, such as discarded wings
  • Bits of frass (termite fecal matter) around your house
  • Bubbling/ warping paint on the walls and molding

Any of these signs may signal the presence of termites on your property. If none are present, we can advise you on actions you can take to make your home less friendly to termite invaders:

  • Keeping firewood stored far away from your foundation
  • Eliminating excess moisture around your property
  • Making sure there is no contact between soil and wood

All local area termite inspections are totally free, so you have nothing to lose! If we don’t find termites on your property, you’ll get some excess peace of mind, and if we do, you’ll gain access to timely intervention.

Mariners Pest Control’s Response to Los Angeles Infestations

When we find an infestation in your home or office, it’s our job to stop the damage before it becomes too severe.

We do this in two ways:

  • Extermination: We exterminate every trace of the active population, using a mixture of the latest and best in termite control solutions. Ask about Orange Oil, a family friendly, localized control product.
  • Repair: We realize that repair of termite damage can be quite extensive, depending on the scale of the damage. We’ll work so thoroughly, you won’t even know we had ever been there!

What’s the Risk?

Don’t know what you’re risking by not calling us? Consider this:

The average annual bill for termite damage in the United States is 5 billion dollars in total, dividing into about 3,300 dollars per home, on average. If you let it go too far, you end up with so much damage that your home may not be salvageable.

Would you feel comfortable subjecting your home to termite damage? Be smart; call the experts at Mariners Pest Control. Call 888-945-2847 for a free inspection or fill out our simple contact form.