Free Termite Inspections for Residents of Pasadena, California

Termites are probably not high on your list of daily worries. Maybe you’ve got bills or kids that are taking up more time on your mind right now, and we don’t blame you. However, just because you’re not thinking about termites doesn’t mean they’re not preying on your home or office right now.

There’s a reason people call termites “the silent destroyers”; it’s because in the infancy of the infestation they stay hidden to the point where to the untrained or unsuspecting eye, they’re virtually undetectable.

Confused about how to combat this growing threat? That’s where we come in. Mariners Pest Control has helped over 100,000 residents prepare for the threat of an infestation with our top-notch inspections, extermination and repair services.

What Does a Pasadena, CA Inspection Entail?

When you call Mariners Pest Control for an inspection of your home, office, commercial building or rental property, here’s what you should expect us to look for:

  • Chipping or warping paint on the interior walls
  • Termite pinholes/ points of entry on your foundation
  • Termite mud tubes or mud in your construction joints
  • Frass (barely detectable termite droppings) scattered around your property

If we don’t find any of these warning signs on your property, you got a free inspection and some peace of mind. If we do, you can limit damage that would otherwise be extremely costly.

Early Detection is Key for Homeowners

The earlier you learn about a dangerous infestation on your property, the less of a headache it will be in the long run. Read on:

  • Early detection means an easier time exterminating: if active termite populations don’t get excessively large, it is easier to go in with the best products for the job.
  • Early detection also means easier repair: It follows that less invasive populations do less damage; therefore there will be less to repair.

Termites affect over 600,000 homes each year, to the tune of 3,300 dollars a home, that your insurance won’t cover. Isn’t it time that you were proactive in your attempts to prevent this damage?

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