Fleas love the weather of sunny California! Every day that is over 65°F provides the perfect temperature for new flea eggs to mature into larvae and hatch, spin cocoons and develop into pupae, and with time become the adult fleas with itchy bites. With the weather so ideal, fleas can occur year round in your home.

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    The experts at Mariners Pest Control can help identify a household flea problem. Many people are unaware of the degree of their flea infestation, only to discover that their home likely has a problem after a household pet is diagnosed with tape worms (a parasite carried by fleas) or is treated for allergic dermatitis from flea bites.

    Mariners Pest Control trained technicians can identify all stages of the flea life cycle, assess the flea infestation in your home, and develop a customized treatment plan to exterminate your flea problem. Signs of fleas include:

    • Family pets repeatedly scratching and grooming themselves
    • Fleabite marks, on both people and pets
    • Flea feces, which is also known as “flea dirt”
    • Live fleas
    • Flea larvae and pupae


    In most cases, flea infestations will require a multifaceted treatment plan. Addressing merely your pet’s infestation and the actual flea bites will not be effective in ridding your home of fleas. The technicians at Mariners Pest Control will recommend the best course of action to exterminate your flea infestation by both chemical and physical methods on your pets, as well as inside and outside of your home. Flea infestations are followed up with quarterly pest control treatments to your home to eliminate and control the flea population.

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    The most likely species to bite humans are the cat flea, Ctenocephalis felix, or the rat flea, Xenopsylla cheopis. Fleas are known to transmit the bacteria that cause plague, although this is uncommon in North America.

    Do fleas carry disease?

    Yes! Fleas can transmit diseases, as they feed on blood meal from warm blooded animals – which include you, your family and your household pets! Fleas can transmit Plague, Flea-borne Typus, Bartonellosis, Tapeworms and Tungiasis. It is essential to have a professional treat your flea infestation to exterminate these itchy insects from your home.

    Does Mariners Pest Control treat my pets too?

    No, Mariners Pest Control does not provide flea control for your pets. We recommend that you contact your local veterinarian for advice and to purchase of an effective flea control product. Your pets should also undergo regular bathing and grooming.

    I haven’t seen any fleas, but I have noticed a black flaky substance in my pet’s bed. Could it be fleas?

    What you are likely seeing is something referred to as “flea dirt,” which is the fecal matter of fleas. The color of flea dirt is black, as they feed on the blood meal of people and animals. If you see flea dirt on your pet’s bedding, you should wash all upholstered items thoroughly, apply a flea control product recommended to you by your veterinarian, and call Mariners Pest Control to exterminate your flea infestation.

    I just returned home from vacation, and now I have fleas. How did this happen?

    The likely cause of your flea infestation was carrying the little critters home in your personal belongings. Fleas can also hitch a ride on family pets while traveling, and bring home an unwanted gift that keeps on giving if a multifaceted flea treatment plan is not carried out. The ideal weather in California allows fleas to hatch nearly year round, which is why it is essential to have a professional pest control treatment plan completed.

    Fleas got your pets and you scratching?

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    The reason you itch is because of the flea saliva left on your body after the flea is done feeding on your blood!

    Mariners Pest Control is the right choice to rid your home of fleas!  Call us today at (888) 945-2847 or fill out our contact form to schedule your FREE flea inspection. We service Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County.