Free Termite Inspections in Santa Monica, California

When you think about termites, you’re probably not thinking about them like something that could affect you, right? You’re probably thinking about them in terms of things that only affect other people.

Yet statistically, we’re all more likely to live a full life and come into contact with these nasty pests than not. It’s time to realize this.

That’s where Mariners Pest Control comes in. If you look your potential termite problem head on, and deal with them before they get too severe, the cost in the long run will be much less.

Over 100,000 customers in Los Angeles County have found this out by taking Mariners Pest Control up on our offer to inspect your home, business or rental property since we opened in 2006. Won’t you?

Our Expert Inspections for Santa Monica, CA

When you call company to do a complete inspection for termites on your property, you can guarantee that we’ll be as thorough as possible. The things we look for include:

  • Mud tubes and mud in your construction joints
  • Termite pinholes and other points of entry
  • Frass (termite droppings) around the property
  • Warping paint on the interior walls

In the process, we’ll also let you know how to avoid future infestations, including:

  • Keeping firewood stored far away from your foundation
  • Eliminating excess moisture around your property
  • Making sure there is no contact between soil and wood

We’ll cover every step of the process, making sure your property is 100% termite free!

The Truth About Termites

It’s time to get real about termites in your region. California, due to the friendly climate, is especially friendly to termites. Over 600,000 termite infestations are found in this country alone, breaking down to about 3,300 dollars in damage per home.

Furthermore, if you take a claim to you insurance company for repairs of termite damage, they’ll probably laugh you out of their office, leaving you responsible for all the damage out-of-pocket. Do you really think it’s worth the gamble?

Luckily, Mariners Pest Control has the backs of all of our Santa Monica customers. Our top notch extermination and repair services are everything you need to have your home as good as new once again.

Looking to learn more about termites and the threat they pose to your home or commercial business? Visit our easy to use website and fill out our simple contact form, or simply call 888-945-2847 today!

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