Free Alhambra, California Termite Inspections

Think of the last time you got your Los Angeles County home, office, or commercial real estate property inspected for termites. Now stop thinking back- whenever that time was, it wasn’t recent enough.

We’re not trying to scare you. This is a real issue facing our region, one that we’re statistically more likely than not to face head on.

But don’t worry, Mariners Pest Control has all your termite answers. We’ve inspected over 100,000 satisfied customers’ homes since we started in 2006, and finding termite solutions that benefitted people all over Alhambra.

First, Some Facts About Termite Infestations

Before you pick up your phone, consider these facts:

  • Each year, 600,000 homeowners discover an active infestation on their property, the repair of which runs them over 3,000 dollars a piece.
  • Think your insurance company will cover it? Think again: termite damage was not included in the most recent insurance plans (or any time in the past.)
  • This leaves the majority of the costs for termite extermination and repair up to you to pay out of your own pockets.

You don’t want to leave you home up to these odds; call us today for a flawless thorough home termite inspection on your Alhambra, California property.

Get an Inspection From the Experts Today!

What can an inspection do for your peace of mind? Here’s what we’ll look for:

  • Frass (termite droppings)
  • Termite mud tubes
  • Termite pin holes
  • Mud in your construction joints
  • Discarded wings, usually between March and May
  • Physical evidence of swarmers
  • And many more primary signs of an infestation!

Early detection is key to your peace of mind. Here the types of inspections we’ll do for you free, regardless of your situation:

  • Residential inspections
  • Commercial inspections
  • Inspections for property managers
  • Inspections for people buying or selling a home

Whatever services you need for your Los Angeles County home, we can handle them all.

These include:

  • Extermination: We exterminate all active populations in and around your home, using a mix of family friendly, safe and effective termite control products.
  • Repair: Thoroughly sweeping your home for any damage left by us or the termites, we’ll get your home looking like it did before the termites struck.

Contact Us Today

Mariners Pest Control will get you back on your feet before, during and after termites attack. It may seem serious but with early detection, it doesn’t have to be.

Contact us today by calling 888-945-2847, by filling out the form on this page, or by visiting our simple contact form.

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