Free Torrance, California Termite Inspections

When you suspect termites have taken up residence in your home or commercial building, your likely to panic. After all, if you’re like most people, you’ve never dealt with these pests before and you probably don’t know how to react.

That’s where we come in. Mariners Pest Control has provided timely solutions to Torrance residents in need since 2006; over 100,000! The worst thing about termite infestations is that they seem to reveal themselves when you least expect them, when you least need them. We’re here to help.

Free Inspections Throughout Torrance

How do you best prepare yourself for an infestation? Do you schedule frequent inspections? At Mariners Pest Control, we agree that this is the best way to make sure termites never catch you off guard, and the best part? We offer our range of inspection services totally free of charge.

When you call our expert inspection teem to give your home or office and the property around it, a thorough review, you can be sure that we’re looking for the first signs of an infestation. These include:

  • Mud tubes and termite pinholes around your property
  • Mud in your construction joints
  • Discarded wings and other evidence of swarmers
  • Frass (termite droppings) around your property
  • Chipping, warping or hollowness in the paint on your interior walls

Not sure if you qualify for our free inspections? Don’t worry; everyone does!

  • Residential and commercial property owners
  • Rental property managers
  • People looking at a new home or trying to sell their old one

No matter what you need, if you live in Torrance, Mariners Pest Control can help you!

The Cost of Not Getting an Inspection:

Of course, you could pass on an inspection, and just get lucky, but consider this:

Termites affect over 600,000 homeowners per year, to the tune of 3,300 dollars per home or business. They’re more destructive than most natural disasters combined, and they’re virtually undetectable until the damage is too severe. Wouldn’t you rather at least have some peace of mind? (for free).

Oh, and your insurer will likely laugh when you come to them with a claim for termite damage that you want coverage for; they won’t cover it.

What Do We Do When We Find an Infestation?

In short, we waste no time, getting you connected to our full range of extermination and repair services as quickly as possible, to reduce the chance of further damage to your Torrance home.

For more information, contact Mariners Pest Control, either by phone at 888-945-2847 or by submitting our contact form.

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