Free Termite Inspections in Pomona, California

It’s likely that termite infestations are not a high priority for you and your family. You just have to much to worry about in addition. But would it bump the danger up slightly to know that 600,000 Americans discover termites in their homes each year, adding up to 3,300 dollars of damage on average?

What about that despite causing as much damage as they do, your insurance company will practically never cover your claim for termite damage?

What about that termites are practically undetectable, garnering the nickname “the silent destroyers”?

Of course, you may discover them eventually, but by that point, your prized Pomona, CA home may be too far gone to save.

That’s Where Mariners Pest Control Comes in

We don’t mean to scare you. In fact, quite the opposite; your Pomona home is one of your prized possessions. Doesn’t it make sense to take as much care of it internally as you do externally?

Mariners Pest Control can help. We’ve delivered our expert free inspection services to over 100,000 Los Angeles County customers since 2005, following up with our top notch extermination and repair services whenever necessary.

What Can You Expect Out of a Free Pomona Inspection?

First, we’re going to look for all the signs that you actually have an infestation on the property of your home or business. These include:

  • Frass (termite droppings) around your property
  • Discarded wings and other evidence of swarmers
  • Pinholes and mud tubes

The difference between an professional inspection and an amateur inspector is that a professional will enter your Los Angeles County property know exactly what they need to identify.

If they find an infestation, they act with blazing speed to save your home. We offer the following necessary services to infested buildings.

  1. Extermination:Using the latest and most minimally invasive pest control products, we’ll control the active populations, without displacing your family.
  2. Repair:You’ll forget we (plus termites) were ever here when we tactfully repair the wood in your home to its previous state.

At Mariners Pest Control, we understand the stress that accompanies the realization that you may have a termite problem. Even peace of mind is worth calling us for a free, expert Pomona termite inspection.

For more information regarding how to schedule one today, call us at 888-945-2847 or go online and fill out our contact form.

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