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Do you want to know why so many customers contact the Southern California termite experts at Mariners Pest Control for a free termite inspection in Long Beach, CA? Because something as simple as allowing a team of inspector’s to check out your property (for free!) can save you thousands in termite repairs. Isn’t it obvious why we’ve offered over 100,000 previous customers our award-winning services?

Our record in throughout the Los Angeles County area has produced a powerful foundation of success on which to build for our customers. When you call us for our innovative free inspection services, what you get is full run down the docket of potential signals:

  • termite pinholes
  • discarded wings and visible swarmers
  • mud in your construction joints
  • mud tubes around the commercial or residential property

The Importance of Long Beach Area Inspections

Do you ever think about what you’re risking by passing on a termite inspection? Not only are you endangering your own home or commercial building, but those of your neighbors also. Don’t leave it up to chance; get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is completely free of termites.

Here are the types of (free) inspections we offer to our customers:

  • Commercial offices and businesses
  • Residential homes and barns
  • Inspections for property managers
  • Inspections for the buyers or sellers of a house

The Consequences of Not Getting an Inspection

Consider this: the average damage done to a house affected by termites is approximately 3,300 dollars, totalling up to 5 billion dollars per year in the U.S. Formosan termites, which are common in our part of the country, are the most destructive species, capable of eating a considerable amount in a year’s time.

So these small insects can produce some big damage if left on their own for a long enough time. If you live in Long Beach, you owe it to yourself to get an inspection!

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The sooner you discover your infestation, the sooner we can manage active populations, exterminate the colony and liberate you and your family from termite-related stress.

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