Free Termite Inspections in Cerritos, California

Termites are quite literally no laughing matter. These pests can sneak up on your property and do a world of damage without your knowledge, and the worst part? Your insurance likely won’t cover these “silent destroyers”, no matter how much damage they do to your Cerritos, CA home or office.

That’s where the experts at Mariners Pest Control come in to lend a hand; we’ve seen it all before. We’ll do thorough, free inspections of every centimeter of your property, making sure that if there’s a problem, we’ll sniff it out.

When was the last time you got a whole property check for termites? If you’re not sure, it may be time for another one. Unfortunately, these pests are not only pervasive, they’re practically undetectable in their infancy, and can build colonies in various portions of your house. Even if only for peace of mind, isn’t it time you got a property inspection?

Here’s the Good News: Mariners Pest Control Is Offering Them For Free!

You heard us right: it’s never been more affordable to get a thorough home inspection for termites; in fact, it’s free!

We have inspected over 100,000 happy customers’ Los Angeles County homes since we went into business in 2006, and we’re not stopping any time soon. It makes our day to put a smile on our customers’ faces!

When you call our experienced inspectors out to your property, you’re guaranteed the finest service. Here are some things we’ll look for on your Cerritos, California property:

  • Termite mud tubes
  • Termite pinholes
  • Mud in your home’s construction joints
  • Discarded wings or other evidence of swarmers

All of these things are aspects that you need to catch early to stay abreast of. What are you waiting for?

What Do We Do if We Find an Infestation in Your Los Angeles County Home?

This is an inevitability, statistically. While most of the homes we inspect will escape with nothing more than their peace of mind secure, there will be times when we find infestations.

Luckily for you, we act fast to limit the damage to as little as possible, with the following services:

– Extermination: We exterminate every last termite from your home.

– Repair: We repair your property to as good as new.

When it comes to threat from termites on your Cerritos property, you’re in good hands with Mariners Pest Control. For more information, contact us or by calling 888-945-2847.

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