Free Termite Inspections in Lakewood, California

When you suspect a colony of termites has moved into your Los Angeles County home or office, your first instinct is to panic. After all, they’re nearly impossible to detect with the untrained eye, and even if you do spot them your insurance will leave you to cover the cost of termite damage out of your own pockets.

That’s where we come in. Mariners Pest Control is experienced in helping customers with (and without) termites deal with all progressions of infestations, and we can help you too!

We’ve helped over 100,000 Lakewood, California area customers out of their termite jams and into peace of mind since 2006! Read on to see how we can help you and your family.

How Do We Approach Termite Control?

We start with early, frequent inspections that save your family hard-earned money in the long haul. Consider these facts: over 600,000 home and business owners find evidence of termites in their homes and offices, and they’re blindsided.

It ends up costing them over 3,000 dollars per structure for repairs, but it doesn’t have to. If these homeowners had gotten frequent inspections from Mariners Pest Control, the likelihood that their infestations would’ve been detected before leading to a major amount of damage and cost would be significantly higher.

When you call our expert inspectors out to your Lakewood, California home we look for a number of signs that can signal an undetected termite infestation:

  • Termite mud tubes
  • Termite pinholes
  • Mud in your home’s construction joints
  • Discarded wings or other evidence of swarmers
  • Frass (termite feces) building up inside your home

How Do We Respond to an Infestation in Your Area?

Well, we start by easing your panic. Your Los Angeles County infestation is in good hands with company. Here’s what we’ll do for your home or office building:

Extermination Services

We’ll administer the finest extermination services, while avoiding the displacement of your family or your team as much as possible in the process! We’ll use the latest and best in termite control products, such as Orange Oil.

Repair Services

We’ll repair your home or office to the state it was in, before the pest infestation. You can count on us!

Isn’t it time you had a pest control company that you could trust? One that offers timely, crucial inspection, extermination and repair services at a moment’s notice. Contact Mariners Pest Control for all your infestation control needs, by calling 888-945-2847 or going online and filling out our contact form.

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