Free Inspections for Termites in Hawthorne

Let us ask you a question: what words come to mind when someone says “termites”? It’s likely because it most likely hasn’t happened to you yet, that you’re immune to termites.

But what if we told you they could be eating away at the wood inside your Hawthorne, California foundation, or your attic, or your crawlspace, right now? Statistically, they probably aren’t; they’re not even present on your property. But why would you leave something of that importance up to chance? Let’s consider the facts:

  • Each year, approximately 600,000 homeowners make the realization that they have a fledgling termite infestation.
  • It costs each one of these homeowners 3,300 dollars on average to fix the damage inflicted on their homes by these pests.
  • The worst attack on your financial freedom? Despite the fact that termites cause more annual damage than most major natural disasters, your insurance company likely won’t cover it.

But don’t worry; you’re not alone. Read on to find out why:

Mariners Pest Control Can Help You in Hawthorne, California 

How can we potentially rescue your property? The same way we’ve rescued those of over 100,000 customers throughout Los Angeles County and more broadly, Southern California; by solving your worst termite problems with groundbreaking solutions and early detection.

When you call Mariners Pest Control for our expert inspection services, we come out to your property and look for the first signs of an infestation, including:

  • Frass (termite droppings) in places you either hadn’t thought to look, or simply didn’t recognize.
  • Mud tubes, mud in your construction joints, or termite pinholes.
  • Discarded wings or other evidence of swarmers.
  • Dry-rot and decay in the wood surfaces around your property.

Whether you need to verify that you truly do have an infestation on your Hawthorne, California property, or you just want peace of mind, Mariners Pest Control has all the answers.

How Do React to An Infestation on Your Property?

First, we act fast; there’s no time to waste when the alternative is costing you thousands at your home, office or commercial building.

We’ll hook you up with our two key services:

  1. Extermination: We exterminate any living pest populations using minimally invasive products and techniques.
  2. Repair: We’ll repair any part of your property disturbed by us OR your termites, we guarantee it!

There’s no time to waste! For more information on termites and the trouble they can spell for you, call us at 888-945-2847 or go online to fill out our contact form.

 We are proud to have served Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego since 2005!