Top-Notch Termite Inspection in Brea, California

Do you suspect a termite infestation in your home or commercial office? Mariners Pest Control is here to help, with our expert termite and pest extermination services in Brea, CA. Since 2006, we have solved termite problems for over 100,000 residents of Orange County, making us one of Southern California’s leading pest extermination companies.

Once we visit your home or office, we will professionally inspect for these signs of an infestation:

• Evidence of Swarmers
• Subterranean Termite Mud Tubes
• Mud in Construction Joints
• Wood in Your Landscape (mulch, firewood, deadwood)
• Termite Wood Damage
• Termite Pinholes

Looking For Termite Inspection in Brea, CA?

Find out why thousands of Orange County residents trust Mariners Pest Control for termite control services. We offer free inspection to commercial businesses, as well as home buyers and sellers in Brea, keeping your home and office free of termites and other pests. As us about our natural localized termite products, like Orange Oil Termite Control.

We comb your property for signs of an inspection and exterminate the resident pest populations, repairing dry-rot decay and wood damage as we go. If you suspect you have a wood-destroying termite problem, don’t wait. Call 888-945-2847 to schedule an inspection with the termite experts at Mariners Pest Control or fill out a contact form:

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