The Highest Quality Termite Services in Cypress, California

Mariners Pest Control has been proudly serving customers in Orange County with the most effective termite solutions since 2006. We’ve innovated the field of pest control for over 100,000 satisfied customers in Southern California, making us one of the most trusted termite control companies in the area.

If you suspect the presence of termites in your home or office, call for an inspection. We’ll send one of our expert technicians out to your property to look thoroughly for the warning signs of infestation, such as mud tubes, evidence of swarmers and other key signals like pinholes in the wood around your property and mud in the your construction joints.

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Termite Solutions for Cypress, CA Residents

We offer home buyers, sellers and commercial property owners the chance to have their properties inspected for free. At Mariners Pest Control, we know that you can never be too safe when it concerns the value of your home moving forward.

Our company has a mission, not only to exterminate your infestation, but also to repair damage to your foundation and other areas where dry rot may occur. We treat termite populations with the equipment and products that are best for individual cases, including many natural and localized termite control products, such as Orange Oil.

If you suspect that you have a community of wood destroying termites in your home or office, call 888-945-2847 today or fill out a contact form to schedule an inspection.

We are proud to have served Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego since 2006!