Fullerton, California Termite Inspection Services

If you suspect termites may have made a home on your property, costly damage may already be occurring without your knowledge. Mariners Pest Control is the only termite control business with all the expertise and experience to provide versatile and dependable solutions to your potentially urgent pest control needs.

When you call us for a hassle-free inspection, we’ll visit your property at the earliest convenience, and look for mud tubes, evidence of swarmers, mud in construction joints and other evidence in the wood around your property. Mariners Pest Control’s inspectors have the trained eyes necessary to detect these early signs of extensive damage, a major reason why we’ve satisfied over 100,000 customers in Southern California since 2006.

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Say Goodbye To Termite Infestations in Fullerton, CA

When we’re sure that your property has an infestation, our staff can go straight to work reversing the damage to your wood and thoroughly exterminating the pest population. Ask us about our use of Orange Oil, a natural, localized and minimally invasive termite control agent.

Our inspections are free for commercial business owners, home buyers and home sellers so even at the slightest hint of termite damage, nothing is stopping you. Call 888-945-2847 today or complete our contact form \to schedule an inspection.

We are proud to have served Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego since 2006!