Termite Inspection Services in La Habra Heights, California

Find out what over 100,000 others throughout Southern California┬áhave found out before: Mariners Pest Control is the pest control industry’s leading producer of termite solutions. We proudly serve La Habra Heights, providing free inspections┬áto home buyers, home sellers and commercial property owners.

If termites are chewing away at the wood inside your home, stay calm. Mariners Pest Control specializes in dry-rot repair and wood repair, as well as exterminating pest populations, in the least invasive methods necessary, including the use of Orange Oil, a natural, localized pest control product.

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Expert Inspections at the Click of a Button in La Habra Heights, CA

When you call Mariners Pest Control for an inspection, we’ll come out to your home or commercial property looking for the key signs that an infestation has begun:

  • Evidence of Swarmers
  • Subterranean Termite Mud Tubes
  • Mud in Construction Joints
  • Wood in Your Landscape (mulch, firewood, deadwood)
  • Termite Wood Damage
  • Termite Pinholes

If an infestation is found, we’ll swiftly take the steps necessary to eradicate the issue and rid your home of insect damage once and for all.

If you suspect an issue with wood-destroying termites on your property, schedule an inspection through our simple contact form or by phone at 888-945-2847.

We are proud to have served Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego since 2006!