Termite Inspection and Control Services in Laguna Hills, California

Do you suspect that termites might be endangering your home? At Mariners Pest Control, we’ve proudly made it our mission to locate potentially dangerous termite infestations and rid your property of their negative effects.

Since 2006, we’ve proudly served the people of Orange County with the best in termite solutions, making us one of the most trusted names in the Southern California termite industry.

We specialize in:

  • Dry-rot and wood repair
  • Total extermination of infestations
  • The best and least invasive termite control products

We’d be glad to walk you through our inspection, repair and extermination processes!

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Looking For an Expert Termite Inspection in Laguna Hills, CA?

We can help. Our inspections are cost-free for home buyers, home sellers and commercial property owners, so there’s nothing stopping you from scheduling one today.

When you fill out a simple contact form¬†or call us at 888-945-2847, we’ll come right out to your home or office and look for the first signs of an infestation, including mud tubes, evidence of swarmers and damage to the wood around your property.

Termites can spell a huge risk to the value of your Laguna Hills home or office. Let Mariners Pest Control mitigate this risk with our expert termite control services.

We are proud to have served Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego since 2006!