Mariners Pest Control Inspects For Termites in Laguna Niguel, California

Let’s say you’re walking around the property of your home or office and you notice some suspicious signs, like pinholes in your wooden foundation, or mud tubes. These can mark the start of a potential problem for your property, in the form of a full-blown termite infestation, and you’ll need professional assistance.

When you call Mariners Pest Control for an inspection, we’ll come in and survey your property to verify an infestation. After we do that, we can take the necessary steps to repair the damage to your wood foundations and exterminate the offending population. Ask us about our extermination methods; we use the most appropriate and minimally invasive methods of pest control.

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Looking For The Best Termite Inspections in Laguna Niguel, CA?

Mariners Pest Control has proudly served Laguna Niguel since 2006, and has solved pest control problems for over 100,000 customers and counting in the Southern California area. There is a good reason why we’re one of Southern California’s first choices in the industry.

If you see any of the signs mentioned or you simply want to calm your mind about your home’s pest welfare, we have your answers. Schedule an inspection by filling out our contact form or call 888-945-2847 today.

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