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There are number of reasons why someone might call in a professional to inspect their property for termite damage: maybe they’ve noticed some signs, like the occurrence of mud tubes, wood damage around the property or evidence of swarmers. Or maybe they just want to have a regular inspection to make sure their home is protected from insect damage.

Either way, Mariners Pest Control can help protect the well-being of your life’s largest investment before or during an assault from a termite infestation, providing solutions that we’ve given to over 100,000 satisfied customers in Southern California since 2006.

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Termite Control Services – Lake Forest, CA

We specialize in repairing the damage termites leave in their wake; namely, dry-rot and wood damage repairs. In addition, we exterminate termite populations on your property using the most appropriate products and methods, including the use of natural, localized termite control treatments like Orange Oil.

For home buyers and sellers, as well as the owners of commercial properties, our inspections are free, so there’s no reason not to schedule one today.

If there’s a chance that termites have or may have access to the wood on your property, contact us to have it checked out by a professional: call 888-945-2847 or complete our contact form┬áto set up an inspection today.

We are proud to have served Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego since 2006!