Free Termite Inspections in Lemon Heights, CA

Imagine this scenario: you notice a few holes in the wood around your house, then a few more. Mud is your construction joints, and then you catch a glimpse of a termite. The cost to you at this point would already be excessive and life-changing.

This can happen anywhere to anyone, which is where we come in. Mariners Pest Control has been serving Lemon Heights, CA proudly since 2006, making sure that termites don’t jeopardize customers’ homes and commercial offices. When you call us for an inspection, we’ll look for the signs above and many other areas to stop an infestation before it begins.

Reliable Termite Extermination for Lemon Heights

When you trust Mariners Pest Control to inspect for termites around your home or office, you’ll find out what over 100,000 in Orange County already have: we lead the industry in finding termites, repairing their damage and eradicating their populations in and around your property.

We specialize in wood damage repair, and exterminate termites quickly and efficiently, using the latest and best in minimally invasive treatment products.

Let Mariners Pest Control tell you more about how we can help eradicate or prevent termites on your property. Call 888-945-2847 or visit our contact page to schedule a FREE inspection.

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