Placentia California’s Best Free Termite Inspection

There’s only one name you need to know when you’re seeking an important inspection for termites on your property: Mariners Pest Control. Since 2006, we’ve offered our Orange County customers crucial termite control services, including free inspections to home buyers, home sellers and commercial property owners. When you schedule an appointment with us, here are some things that we’ll look for on and around your property:

  • Evidence of Swarmers
  • Subterranean Termite Mud Tubes
  • Mud in Construction Joints
  • Wood in Your Landscape (mulch, firewood, deadwood)
  • Termite Wood Damage
  • Termite Pinholes

We Act Fast to Exterminate Placentia, CA Termite Risk

If any of the above signs are found on your property, it’s likely you have an infestation on your hands, and you’ll need to act fast. When we find an infestation, we go straight into exterminating the insects and repairing the damage. Mariners Pest Control specializes in dry-rot and wood damage repair, but we can also skillfully exterminate the pest populations that are putting your property in danger. If you believe that termites might be putting your property in jeopardy, you have little time to delay. Schedule an important inspection by filling out our contact form or by calling 888-945-2847 immediately.

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