Southern California’s Best Termite Treatment is in Portola Hills, California

Do you suspect that termites are threatening the well-being of your home, office or commercial property? Don’t worry, Mariners Pest Control covered. We’ve been provided top-notch reliable solutions to over 100,000 residents of Orange County, in the way of achieving our goal; to rid the people of Portola Hills, CA of termite infestations.

Mud tubes, swarmers, mud in construction joints and damaged wood in your home and around your property are all signs of termites that we’ll look for when we have the opportunity to inspect your home or office. Give us a call at 888-945-2847!

Foolproof Solutions for the Toughest Termite Infestations

When we detect the presence of termites on your property, we spring into action!

First, we exterminate the termites, using the latest and best in pest control products. Ask about our use of the localized, natural termite product Orange Oil.

Then, we repair wood damage and dry rot around your property. By the time we’re done, you won’t know anyone was here- the termites or us!

If you suspect termites are destroying the wood on the property of your home, office or commercial property, you can’t afford to wait. Schedule an appointment with Mariners Pest Control by calling 888-945-2847 or filling out a contact form.

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