Silverado, CA Free Termite Inspection Services

At Mariners Pest Control, we know that there’s no convenient time for a termite infestation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop these pesky pests from moving in and seriously threatening the structural integrity of your home or office.

Thankfully, Mariners Pest Control has you, and the rest of Silverado, California covered. We offer reliable, free inspections to home owners, buyers and sellers as well as commercial property owners. When you count on us for an expert inspection, you can count on us to assess damage and spot the first signs of termites, including mud tubes, evidence of swarmers, mud in the construction joints and termite pinholes.

Silverado, CA’s Top Termite Control Services

In addition to inspections, we offer our customers in Orange County top-notch extermination and damage repair services.

We can find and eliminate all active termite populations before they can do any more damage than they already have. Ask about our use of clean, natural and minimally invasive products like Orange Oil.

After that, we expertly repair all dry rot and wood damage caused by the presence of these insects.

When you need termite inspection, extermination or repair, look no further than Mariners Pest Control. For an inspection call 888-945-2847 or go to our contact form.

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