Top-Notch Carlsbad, CA Termite Services

So you’ve got termites; what’s the next step? You could call one company to inspect your property, and then another crew to exterminate and finally, a third to repair all the damage the termites (not to mention the other companies) left in their wake.

Chances are, this segmented approach will end up considerably more expensive and time-consuming, so why not simply call one company for all three steps of the process?

That company is Mariners Pest Control, serving effective and reliable termite solutions to the people of the San Diego county area since 2006. The reason we’ve provided dependable solutions to over 100,000 satisfied customers in this time is because we truly know the industry.

Need An Inspection?

If you need one or more of our services, call today. Here are the things we can offer you:

  • Inspections for the primary signs of an infestation, including mud tubes, termite pinholes and signs of swarmers.
  • Excellent extermination services. We offer total extermination of active insects, using the latest and best in termite control products.
  • Wood damage and dry rot repair that’s so thorough, you won’t even notice we were in your home at all!

Mariners Pest Control spares no expense to make sure that when one of our customers in Carlsbad, CA calls us, we rid their property of termites one and for all.

Termites Are a Threat to Properties

Did you know that if you have a standard homeowner’s or renter’s policy, termite damage isn’t covered? Other common natural disasters are covered, such as floods, fires and earthquakes, but there events occur less then termite infestations, even if you combine their numbers. How does that make sense?

That’s why inspections are necessary; homeowners and prospective renters and buyers have the right to know. For a consultation call us 888-945-2847 or fill out a simple contact form.

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