It All Starts with a Free Termite Inspection in Chula Vista, CA

Did you know that the termites present on Earth actually outweigh the human population? Have you ever seen one? You can see what huge problem termites can be for homeowners in the United States.

They pesky insects are extremely difficult to detect, yet they’re responsible for more than 5 billion dollars in damage to homes in the United States each year. Infestations are more frequent than damage from natural disasters and they can eat away at the value of your home, so why aren’t we paying attention to them?

Most renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies ignore termites as a possible risk, so when you have an infestation, you have to pay for it all out of pocket.

Mariners Pest Control is Chula Vista’s Answer to Pesky Infestations

At Mariners Pest Control we understand the risks posed by these difficult-to-detect pests, and we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are free from damage and despair, as we’ve done for over 100,000 others in San Diego County.

We offer timely interventions against the problems these insects pose for our customers and their homes, coming out to your property, and inspecting for a population.

When and if we find one, we spring into action to exterminate the active insect population and repair the damage before it gets worse. You can trustMariners Pest Control to wipe out the costly damage and prevent it from spreading into any other part of your home.

Mariners Pest Control Handles the Whole Operation

From start to finish, Mariners Pest Control has our customers in Chula Vista, CA covered. If you need termite pest control services, give us a call at 888-945-2847 or fill out our speedy, simple online contact form to get in contact with our professional termite inspectors.

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