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If you’re like many people in the United States, when you think of termites, you think of something that other people are affected by, but not you. Each year, however, over 600,000 homes are affected by these pests, and you likely wouldn’t even notice if they’d taken up residence on your property.

The truth is, termites affect the residents of 49 U.S. states, and they’re so hard to detect, they could be eating away at the wood on your property as you read this. Imagine being ten years into your mortgage and realizing that your foundation has been damaged without your knowledge by pests. These pesky little insects have a small footprint, but can have huge implications on the value of your home, moving forward. You owe it to yourself to get an inspection, and Mariners Pest Control has you covered.

Termite Presence in San Diego County

Like many other parts of San Diego County, Coronado homes are especially susceptible to damage from termites. They are difficult to detect, but once they move in, it could spell big-time, costly damage.

Luckily, Mariners Pest Control has your back. We offer inspections, extermination, and repair that will save you hundreds if not thousands in potential property damage from termites. Damage, we might add, that your insurance company will not cover.

Reliable Termite Services Since 2006

We’ve helped over 100,000 customers throughout the San Diego County area rescue their homes, many of whom weren’t even aware of the infestation before our timely inspection. We got them out of their mess, and saved them money during every step of our process.

If you think termites might be eating away at the wood in your home and around your property, or if you simply need to put your mind at ease, call 888-945-2847 or fill out a contact form today.

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