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Termites are silent destroyers. They could be eating away at the foundation wood for years without your knowledge, and by the time you realize they’re there, the damage is practically insurmountable.

Mariners Pest Control is here for you like we’ve been there for thousands of others like you, throughout the San Diego County area. It seems like termites can sneak up on your home, business or rental property so quick that by the time they’re detected, they’ve already done thousands of dollars in damage.

Mariners Pest Control: the Pest Control Solutions Encinitas Trusts

How did we pick up our expertise in the industry? By simply being there for our customers and experiencing their struggles with termites. You don’t how big an effect termites will have on your life until you deal with them, which why Mariners Pest Control has made it our missions to rid homes in San Diego County of termites, once and for all.

How do we do this? We have a three step process to reclaiming your home from the jaws of these pesky insects.

  1. First, we inspect for termite populations. Mud tubes, termite pinholes and signs of swarmers are what we’re looking for here.
  2. If we find active populations, we exterminate the infestation before it can pose any additional problems to your property.
  3. Last, we repair the damage. Dry rot and wood damage repair are our specialties.

Top Termite Services in Encinitas

Did you know that termites affect close to 600,000 residential homes as an annual average to the tune of 3,300 dollars of damage? You’re never too safe from their destructive force. You owe it to yourself and your home to get an inspection.

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