Escondido California’s Best Termite Control

Where do you go for the best termite and pest control in the San Diego County area? Mariners Pest Control has provided reliable solutions to over 100,000 customers’ termite infestations, dating back to 2006.

This experience has made us leaders in the industry, and we haven’t looked back, making it our mission to make termites a thing of the past in Escondido.

Our Simple Formula For Success

When you call us for an inspection, our process is simple:

First, we come out to your property and look for any primary signs of an infestation.

Second, if an active population is detected, we jump into action to exterminate it before it gets any worse.

Finally, we repair all the wood damage and dry rot around your property, returning it to new condition.

Once your home is restored to like-new, you’ll thank us and your wallet will thank us. Our inspections are free for home buyers and sellers, as well as commercial property owners!

Let Mariners Pest Control Put Your Mind At Ease

You may not realize exactly what’s at stake when termites threaten your home. In Escondido, if you don’t get out ahead of these insects, they can jeopardize your property value, as well as the future structure of your home.

Did you know that termites do more damage than fires, storms and earthquakes each year combined? Yet, there is no termite insurance so all of the financial burden will be on your back if the worst happens to you. Get some peace of mind, with an inspection from the experts at Mariners Pest Control. You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure your San Diego County home is free from termites.

Don’t wait. For an inspection, call 888-945-2847 or contact us online today, and get the experts on your side of the battle against termites!

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